O God, You are my God; with deepest longing I will seek You; My soul [my life, my very self] thirsts for You, my flesh longs and sighs for You, In a dry and weary land where there is no water. Psalm 63:1

This was the cry of David, this to me is one of the deepest prayers prayed by a man in the Bible and it really got me thinking. David wasn’t in his palace when he prayed this prayer, he was in the wilderness of Judaea where he was hiding from his son Absalom who was trying to kill him. let me quickly explain what a wilderness is. It is an uncultivated, uninhabited, and inhospitable region, It is also called no mans land. As I began to read this verse, I started imagining what this wilderness was like. No food, no water, wild animals, harsh weather conditions e.t.c after imagining I asked myself, what would anyone who found themselves in this situation do naturally? in fact what would I do if I found myself in this situation?

1. I would be so angry at God for allowing me to be in that situation in the first place, why would he abandon me like that?

2. I would freak out.

3. As my natural instinct gradually sinks in, I would begin to look for ways to get me anything I can eat and water to drink because I need this two things to survive.

4. When I remember there are wild animals and any one of them might just be at the corner monitoring me and probably thanking God for bringing this delicious meal their way, at this point i have lost hope already.

5. To summarize all of this points i would just wait for the worst to happen or better still God just kill me.

Why Did I list all of this points? that is because we are humans and it is natural for us to react in a certain kind of way when we are under pressure, But God wants us to learn to trust him. I am sure David had his fears, he wasn’t ready to die ( no one is ever ready) and in his case his son was the one who sought for his life. But through all of this trials David’s first word was oh God you are my God. You see while I was saying I would be angry at God David was busy acknowledging that There is a God and that God is his God,He trusted God so much that even in the wilderness God was with him and the fact that he was in a dilemma did not make God less of God.

Instead of seeking for water, food, a way to sleep and how to keep the wild animals away, this Man was saying God you are the one I seek, you are the one I crave for, you are the one my soul and my flesh longs for, even when I have no water God that doesn’t mean anything to me because you are the living water and it’s either you or nothing else!!!

You see this was a king who wasn’t thinking of how to get back at his enemy, he wasn’t praying for God to kill his enemy his greatest need was God.

At this point I had to sincerely ask myself and I think we all should pause and ask ourselves is God my greatest need? Is My need for God seasonal? Do I acknowledge him as God even when it Doesn’t make sense? Do I sincerely hunger and thirst for Him? If I have everything will I still need Him? Is God my only option or do I have other options?

Just this weekend I was talking to a friend and we had a conversation of how some people write songs and when you listen to it, you don’t want to stop listening because it just ministers to your spirit, that song automatically becomes a prayer and I realized some of this songwriters didn’t get to this point by having a relationship with God based on their terms, they literally just say God take all of me, and do as you please. And until i get to that point where I don’t want to serve God based on my terms, there is nothing He can do. God is willing to pour out himself freely on those who are willing to freely let him have his way in them.

So I have gazed upon You in the sanctuary, To see Your power and Your glory. Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips shall praise You. So will I bless You as long as I live; I will lift up my hands in Your name. My soul [my life, my very self] is satisfied as with marrow and fatness, And my mouth offers praises [to You] with joyful lips. When I remember You on my bed, I meditate and thoughtfully focus on You in the night watches, For You have been my help, And in the shadow of Your wings [where I am always protected] I sing for joy. My soul [my life, my very self] clings to You; Your right hand upholds me. Psalm 63:2-8

We can’t need God this much if we trust in our own strength because our flesh and strength will always fail us, so why don’t you ask the one who is capable of upholding you and drawing you to himself to help you? God is always ready to receive us to himself but He can’t do that without your permission, you need to allow him takeover.


Have an amazing week ahead

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I came to TPH ( the perfecting house) at a phase in my life where I needed more, I needed a change, I was at my breaking point and I needed a place to worship, a place which felt like home. The feeling I had the very moment I stepped into TPH was one I had not felt in a long time, there was just this aura of joy and everyone looked happy. It instantly felt like home.

When I got home that day I couldn’t stop thinking about my experience. Few months later I joined the perfecting house and I must say there is no place I would rather be. Pastor Chidi you have been more than a shoulder to lean on, you have been a rock to me and every other member of perfecting house, you take out time every week out of your busy schedule to have a one on one session with every one of us, in just a few months that I have known you, I have learnt so much, more than I did in the past years. No one ever comes in contact with you without being changed, you just have a way of rubbing off your positive energy on people.

Thank you pastor Chidi for genuinely caring for your sheep, it is as a result of the relationship you have with every one of us that perfecting house is so filled with that Aura of joy and happiness which everyone talks about the first time they come into church.

Thank you pastor Chidi for always encouraging me and pushing me to do better.

Thank you for always praying for me and seeing the best in me and everyone else.

Thank you for getting to know us for yourself and not based on what someone else have told you.

This writeup will not be complete without talking about your wife Sister Naomi like we all call her, she has really been a sister, it’s so amazing how much she knows the name of every single one of us including the ones she doesn’t get to see often. Her smile just brightens the whole place and I bless God for her life. Thank you both for making yourselves available.

As you mark 35 today pastor Chidi, eyes have not seen neither have ears heard all that God has planned for you. I have so much to write but I will stop here, my heart is really full of gratitude to God for connecting me to you, sister Naomi, pastor Eve and perfecting house in general.

Have an amazing birthday celebration, I am looking forward to more birthday’s in the future. Cheers 🥂!!!


Stay motivated….


Hy Guys…

Growing up in Nigeria all we wore to school was check material, I wore check material all through my years from primary to secondary school, little did I know the school system was getting me ready for a trend in the future 😂😂😂.

The runway this season is full of the check pattern and I am totally here for it because it is bringing back memories. Talk about shoes, blazers, trousers,bags, shirts, dresses, caps you name it.

The check trend isn’t for the ladies alone, it is also for the guys. You can decide to underdress or overdress depending on the look you are going for.

Do you have any check patterned cloth laying in your closet? Please don’t let it go to waste because it is check season and this trend isn’t going away any time soon.


The check material comes in different colors and textures.

Do you have a check material? Are you going to get one?

Have a great weekend

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hey guys….

Summer is around the corner and you know what that means, the sun is about to be up in full force. I am here to get us all prepared and to protect our eyes from the sun. I believe sunshades are one of those accessories we all should have, i don’t have one and that is because I have never been lucky getting shades that suit my face perfectly but you know what, now that I have done my research and I have been able to understand the shape of my face getting sunshades will no longer be a problem.

It is really important you know the shape of your face because that would enable you get the perfect sunshade or even prescription glasses that would suit you perfectly and keep you looking fly during this season.

Let’s look at the different types of face shapes and the type of glasses that would work perfectly on them

1. Round shaped face: This type of face has softer edges or angles, with slightly wider forehead, cheekbones and jaw.

Recommended glasses: a rectangular or boxy frame would help balance out the roundness of your face.

2. Triangle shaped face: This face shape is widest at the jaw and narrows gradually through to the forehead I.e large jaw, small cheek bones and small forehead.

Recommended glasses: frames with detailing on the upper portion are preferable, go with glasses whose width are slightly wider than your jawline. Brow line or cat eye frames would do the trick.


3. Square shaped face: A face with defined edges, wide cheekbones, forehead and jaw.

Recommended glasses: glasses with soft lines will balance out the edges of your face. Round shapes, tear drop shapes and aviators are recommended.

4. Oval shaped face: It’s been said that this is the most versatile face shape to fit. They’ve got Slightly wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaw.

Recommended glasses: any kind of frame fits perfectly on this face type as long as it is not as broad as the broadest part of your face you are good.

5. Heart shaped face: wider at the forehead and gradually narrows through to the jaw.

Recommended glasses: round frames, cat eyed frames, square shaped frames would also work well on this face shape .

6. Oblong shaped face: elongated feature from forehead to chin, some have prominent chin.

Recommended glasses: add more width to the face by using frames with more depth.

I hope this simple tips help

P.s don’t hesitate to add to the comment any face shape I did not include.


Keep slaying 😀😀😀

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Hey guys…

This past week has been a week of reflection for me. How did I get to this point where I am? Once upon a time I was in junior high school and I can remember saying to myself I don’t think I would ever graduate high school, my little brain felt it was a really long time and I would be Dead before graduation. All of the Disappointments I faced, the tears ( most nights I would cry myself to sleep), the challenges, the frustrations, those days I prayed my heart out, the illnesses that almost took my life more than once, the shame, Ridicule, friends that walked away, the failures, the mistakes I made, people who exploited me…. It has really been a journey. Continue reading “PLANNED OUT”


I Will check up on her later, I will do the laundry later, I will do the Assignment later, I will call home later, let me quickly finish this episode of Grey’s Anatomy and I will begin studying. The episode ends and she goes wow 😮 that was interesting I think I should watch the next episode, she stands up and makes herself a bowl of Cereal (the mouth should also be kept busy while the eyes is working). Two hours later she says to herself I can’t study now I am too tired let me take a quick Nap, I will study when I wake up. Eventually she wakes up but it’s late and because she spent the important part of her day doing things which weren’t so important in other words she spent the day procrastinating, she has to stay up very late studying. This person is me. Continue reading “A STRUGGLE”


Hy guys hope you are all doing great?

This gorgeous evening dress or dinner gown (which ever you prefer to call it) is actually my first ever dinner gown ( for real).

Honestly I just love comfort and I have always felt putting on something like this was just a bit too much for me, the dress dragging on the floor, having to raise it up if I needed to use the rest room, fear of stepping on it and tripping over lol .

Continue reading “FIERCE”


Hello Beautiful people….

Hope we all had a good weekend? I certainly did.

I was privileged to visit an orphanage this past week with a group of people, we were welcomed by this wonderful, loving, happy kids just at the gate (it was the best feeling ever). We had some time to play with the kids before the event for the day kicked off. One of the highlights of the day for me was when they were preached to about jesus, how much He loved them and wanted to have an intimate relationship with them. When asked if they wanted to have a relationship with Jesus and wanting him to be their friend almost all of them raised up their hands, this was a very emotional and beautiful moment for me, just seeing the smiles on their faces and the genuineness of wanting to know Jesus at that age was really breath taking. In that moment this scripture came to my mind Ecclesiastes 12:1-5. Continue reading “TRULY SATISFIED?”


Hello Beautiful people….

Thank God it’s Friday , welcome back to my blog. Today we are gonna reflect and ask ourselves  a lot of WHAT IF’s. Hopefully this rekindles something inside of you.

• What if Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee who is best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web gave up on his idea or didn’t even try?

• What if Thomas Alva Edison best known as the inventor of the light bulb didn’t make a move?

• What if Alexander Graham Bell who is credited with patenting the first practical telephone did nothing?

• What if Charles Babbage the man who originated the concept of a programmable computer also Considered as the “father of the computer” allowed his idea to just slide?

• What if The Wright brothers,who are generally credited with inventing, building, and flying the world’s first successful airplane didn’t try?

• What if cars were never invented?, books never written, no Refrigerators, no microwaves, no televisions, no sophisticated machines to make farming easier,…… Continue reading “WHAT IF?”