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Suede is that material I don’t think I can ever get enough of, when I like something hmmmm let’s just say I make sure I get enough of that thing. I have on a sleeveless midi length gown.

If I can’t play in it, relax in it, walk freely in it, if I have to keep adjusting things then that dress isn’t for me.

Cinnamon brown is a color which looks great on almost all skin tones so don’t be scared to step out of your color comfort zone

I wanted a comfortable but still elegant look, so I paired it up with heels ( heels always makes a difference)




stay motivated…

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  1. Very beautiful pictures. I especially love the colour on you. Being comfortable plays a key role for me too in deciding what I wear: I need to be able to move, walk, jump, run, sit, dance, etc in it !

    1. Thanks babe. Been trying to send you a message on messenger but it isn’t delivering I just commented on your recent post( the one you uploaded dis evening) if you don’t mind can you please send me a message

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