I came to TPH ( the perfecting house) at a phase in my life where I needed more, I needed a change, I was at my breaking point and I needed a place to worship, a place which felt like home. The feeling I had the very moment I stepped into TPH was one I had not felt in a long time, there was just this aura of joy and everyone looked happy. It instantly felt like home.

When I got home that day I couldn’t stop thinking about my experience. Few months later I joined the perfecting house and I must say there is no place I would rather be. Pastor Chidi you have been more than a shoulder to lean on, you have been a rock to me and every other member of perfecting house, you take out time every week out of your busy schedule to have a one on one session with every one of us, in just a few months that I have known you, I have learnt so much, more than I did in the past years. No one ever comes in contact with you without being changed, you just have a way of rubbing off your positive energy on people.

Thank you pastor Chidi for genuinely caring for your sheep, it is as a result of the relationship you have with every one of us that perfecting house is so filled with that Aura of joy and happiness which everyone talks about the first time they come into church.

Thank you pastor Chidi for always encouraging me and pushing me to do better.

Thank you for always praying for me and seeing the best in me and everyone else.

Thank you for getting to know us for yourself and not based on what someone else have told you.

This writeup will not be complete without talking about your wife Sister Naomi like we all call her, she has really been a sister, it’s so amazing how much she knows the name of every single one of us including the ones she doesn’t get to see often. Her smile just brightens the whole place and I bless God for her life. Thank you both for making yourselves available.

As you mark 35 today pastor Chidi, eyes have not seen neither have ears heard all that God has planned for you. I have so much to write but I will stop here, my heart is really full of gratitude to God for connecting me to you, sister Naomi, pastor Eve and perfecting house in general.

Have an amazing birthday celebration, I am looking forward to more birthday’s in the future. Cheers 🥂!!!


Stay motivated….

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