Hy my lovelies….

To think that once upon a time I hated the color orange, and to prove that to you, this orange colored shiffon top I have on is the first I have had in my twenty something years of existence. I just had the notion that it wasn’t the best color for my skin tone and secondly it is a very loud color ( I did not want to be noticed, my height was already doing that job). I have no idea how I managed to buy this top, and after two years of it laying down in my wardrobe I decided to give it a try. I was disappointed in a good way.

With the way this color is popping on me, I take back all the negative notion I had about it in the first place.

My expectations skyrocketed from zero to one hundred. Summer is definitely my favorite season because you get to play around with colors of different sort not to mention the beautiful flowers.

I paired my chiffon top with black jeans just because I was trying to play safe, and of course my favorite pair of sneakers which am sure by now most of you guys are used to seeing in my pictures.

A pair of hoops to accentuate my face.

I am stepping out of my comfort zone and trying out more colors. No more assumptions. On a side note if you haven’t read my post on assumptions click here trust me it’s a must read.

Do you have any colors you have sworn you can never have on? Let me know in the comment section.

Jeans: Collins

Shoes: Zara

Top and hoops: random shop

Enjoy your weekend

Stay motivated…..



  1. U killed it.but am so coming for d sneakers.I think for me is yellow I feel its to sharp but I might just give it a try


  2. Is there a look you don’t rock babe 😊 see how those flowers in the background be making it a more picture perfect look… 😍😍😍 . I like.. I think brown is the colour I wouldn’t want to try


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