We all want to be heard but a vast majority of us aren’t good at paying attention to others. Few days ago I was thinking about the progress I have made when it comes to listening, and I decided to write on four major groups of listeners based on my experience.

Category one

The nonchalant listener : They absolutely don’t care about what the other party is saying, the words go into one ear and leave through the other. They don’t put themselves in the shoes of the speaker. This type of listener is never willing to make a change, because they feel the speaker isn’t worth listening to. They are close minded and have no compassion.

Category two

The ones who listen to react: you hear statements like “just keep talking “ from this type of listeners, because they already have a heap of words waiting to dish out on the speaker. They quote you word by word and counter every thing you say, they are always on the defensive. They can never be wrong. Sadly most ladies fall into this group. Once upon a time I used to be this type of listener but I have made progress and I am still making progress.

Category three

The physically present but mentally absent: This ones are here but at the same time not here, meaning while the speaker is speaking, they are thinking of something else. They might really want to listen but their minds are always preoccupied. They find it difficult to engage their minds, and they never remember what was talked about.

Category four

The ones who are genuinely interested in what the speaker is saying : Even when the speaker isn’t making much “sense” this ones try to make sense out of it. They listen with their eyes, ears, and heart. They care and are willing to make corrections because they always put themselves in the speakers shoes. They see from different angles not just from their own point of view.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if we could all fall into the fourth category? It all begins with a little bold step. You and I can do better.


Have a blessed week ahead.

Stay motivated…. 


    1. Awwww I checked out your blog. You are really entertaining and funny I love your spirit. Thank you so much for commenting it means a lot to me

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