P.s this message is to everyone and not restricted to a particular race, age or sex.

I got a message from a random person on Facebook two weeks ago, He is a citizen of the country where I reside, I would not want to go into so much details about the conversation we had, but I will let you guys in about the part of the conversation that really got to me and which prompted today’s post. He said he liked girls of color ( the black ones to be precise) but the “problem” is that most of them would not want to have sex with him or the natives of the country. I became curious to know why their not giving in to his demands was a problem and he gave me an answer that shocked me. He said this girls are not little children and by the way they are not in their home country they are in Europe and so they should conform to the European way of life( those were his exact words).

I made him understand people have different upbringings and belief system so being in a foreign land shouldn’t make one loose their senses all because they want to conform. Honestly after all of the conversation with this person I started thinking, for a moment I felt like a proud parent, I was so happy there were still people who were standing and still holding on to their values but then again reality struck me, I was reminded that as much as there are those who are not giving in, we still have people who are not strong or bold enough to stand up for themselves all because they don’t want to be ridiculed or seen as weird.

In our world today the very moment you don’t conform, you become automatically castigated, people tag you as the weirdo or the boring person or one who doesn’t know how to enjoy life. Some go as far as saying this is not the 1900’s and Jesus will understand as if God’s word changes overtime. My Dear reader God’s word is still the same it cannot be added to or subtracted from.

There is a pressure to conform and we encounter this in our everyday life, in our schools, higher institutions, jobs,social media and the list continues. If for some reason you decided to follow the crowd and go with the flow, it is never too late to redirect your step, I have fallen so many times in my life but God had his way of always bringing me back to him. So let him.

This is my message to you reading this text, do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in as long as it is in line with God’s word. It is ok to be the weirdo, it is ok to be tagged as boring, most of this people who castigate you aren’t adding any value to your life anyway so you have nothing to loose. Do not confirm to the worlds standards, we have only one role model and that is our lord and savior Jesus Christ and He is the only one we pledge our allegiance to. Remember when jesus was on earth He was hated by so many because he was doing Gods will and it was so weird for the rest which was why they sought to kill Him, so you are not different.

Never you think you are the only one who is standing up for something true or right ( by God’s standard of course). Remember when Elijah fled from jezebel because he was against the worship of an idol called Baal, and he told God he was the only one in all of Israel who had not bowed down to Baal, God quickly shut him up and told him he had 7,000 prophets who had not given in to the worship of that idol.


Have a blessed weekend

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  1. The cruel reality! it takes a while for people to gather the courage to lead crowds rather than follow crowds. Well here is to hoping we all find the stamina to stay rooted in our values and avoid making decisions just for the sake of conforming. thank you for sharing.

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