Three weeks ago I had an experience that opened my eyes to something I never had a proper knowledge of. From this experience God opened my eyes to three main categories of people which I felt led to share in today’s blog.


This people fall under the category of those who haven’t given their lives or accepted jesus as their personal lord and savior, they deny the existence of God or anything that has to do with him and they just live life based on their terms. In as much as Jesus died for everyone in the world this particular group unfortunately have no part in Him because in order for us to fully access the gift of salvation we have to believe and accept what jesus did on the cross. I gave a detailed explanation in one of the blogs so please click here if you didn’t read it.


They have believed and accepted jesus fully into their lives but at some point they became too comfortable. By comfortable I mean they stopped yearning for more of God, they feel like since I have accepted jesus that is all and they forget that for a relationship to thrive a lot of sacrifices have to be made. No relationship thrives when none of the parties is putting in any effort. so many surveys which have been carried out on couples who were married for 30, 40, 50 or more years all had similar answers when asked what the secret to a successful marriage was, their answer was communication. What we share with God is a relationship and not just any kind but an intimate one but for most of us our actions don’t prove that. We go days without studying His word or talking to Him in prayer, we have more time for our personal business more than we have time for Him we would rather stay up all day talking or seeing movies, but the very moment it comes to prayer time we become bored and want to sleep. We go to church on Sunday’s just to mark attendance and to have a positive answer to give when we are asked if we went to church. we have become spiritually obese because all we keep doing is hearing the word and not actually putting it into practice. How do you expect your relationship with God to thrive in this kind of condition? The dangerous thing about being in this group is the fact that because you are too caught up in your own world, you can’t even hear God speak anymore He is right there with you but there is no effect which is why you see people who have been saved for years and there is no change in their lives, no growth some even say God has forgotten them ( God never forgets his own). I understand there are days when we get really weak, trust me I have those days and it’s normal because we are humans but that is why we have God. We need to learn to be vulnerable with God, everyday you wake up, sincerely let him know you need him and He will always come to your aid.

Group Three:

This are the ones who have accepted Christ and daily surrender themselves to His lordship, they have their trying times but it doesn’t stop them from running back to the father, this group are what I call THE NEEDY GROUP because they wake up daily with a need for intimacy with God. Do you know why we are called children of God? That is because children are always needy of their parents and even if physically children grow and some decide they don’t need their parents, we Christians can never be independent of God because he is our life. In Him we live, move and have our being. No Jesus No life.

The only person who can birth in us a daily hunger and need is God, God is the only one who can draw us to Himself and I encourage you to go to Him and ask Him to help you, His arms are wide open. Have you spoken to God today?

Have a blessed day

Stay motivated….


  1. I speak to God all the time. He is a friend who always listen. Talking to him made me through a lot of hardships, my faith is stronger than ever. Thank you for this post.
    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would really like to connect with you.

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