Once upon a time I had a prayer pattern, I would usually begin by thanking God for what he has done, then proceed to tell him what I want and then conclude my prayers. If I had enough time I would read my Bible Notice I used the word read not study because they are two different things.

Back then I never had a real talk with God when I mean real talk I mean like talking to your best friend and how you talk about anything to them. I guess I never pictured God as one I could talk to about certain things because apparently I felt they weren’t serious and God was “too serious “ for that kind of gist. One of the major things I used to hold back from talking to Him about was my relationship ( boy/girl relationship) looking back now I realised my refusal to talk to Him about that aspect of my life was because I was too scared to hear what He had to say, would He approve? Would He not approve? If He says no how will I move on from the breakup e.t.c I guess I ignored the fact that He was my Daddy and he knew what was best for me.

As God began to work in me and rid me of trust issues he began to open my eyes to see that I could talk to Him about just anything and everything and I didn’t need a prayer pattern the same way I act freely and talk freely to my close friends I could relate with Him that way with no filter. Back in the day I would never catch myself talking to God about things like how my day went, or how I had an argument with someone, or how I overreacted to a particular issue ( I would just say God I am sorry and that is it. I felt like that was enough) and the list goes on.

Through His help, today I literally talk to Him about everything even if I know He is God and He is aware. As silly as going to the mall and being indecisive about what products to choose, I talk to Him about it like I am asking my friend and I get a reply.

Most of us are used to shutting up some areas of our lives from God, we don’t want to talk to Him about it we always feel like we are good in that aspect and we have it all sorted out, the truth is God is aware of those areas but he won’t force you to open up if you are not willing to. Imagine you as a house (we are Gods temple) with different rooms, an individual or people can only gain access into those rooms if they have the key or you let them in, in other words they are visitors and if you don’t want them to go into certain rooms it’s your choice. Most of us treat God like a visitor we forget that the life we have and those rooms( by rooms I mean the different areas of our lives) we are trying to secure wouldn’t be there in the first place if not for Him.

If there is anything I have learnt for sure is that God is a God of relationships looking at the account of man from the beginning, It said God would always come down to earth in the cool of the day just to fellowship with man. Another place we can see this, is the relationship God had with Enoch, He enjoyed the relationship he had with Enoch so much that he took Him to be with Him.

Genesis 5:22-24 ( voice translation )

After Methuselah was born, Enoch lived in a close relationship with God for 300 more years; he also had other sons and daughters. He lived to be 365 years old, but Enoch had such a close and intimate relationship with God that one day he just vanished—God took him.

Why do I need to talk to God about everything?

  • He is mindful of you ( psalms 8:4 ).
  • He is intentional about you.
  • Because we do not serve a God who is unable to sympathise with our weakness meaning He also came down to earth and took a human form so all you are going through he also went through ( Hebrews 4:15 ).
  • He wants you to cast all of your cares on Him Not some of your Cares ( 1st peter 5:7 ).
  • He is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.
  • He loves you.

What happens when I talk to him?

1. your issues automatically becomes His meaning nothing more to worry about.

2. No room for mistakes because you can trust Him to lead you right.

3. He exposes you to your wrongs through His word which makes you want to change and do better.

4. No room for judgement ( No side eyes from Him 😆😆)

5. Your relationship with Him is strengthened.

6. You become happier and others around you can feel it, you exude so much positivity.

how do I approach God?

There are no protocols just be open, don’t shy away from any issue like I used to, you might not get the answer you want or you think you should have but learn to trust Him, He knows best.

Have a blessed week ahead.

Stay motivated….


  1. Woooooowwww Only a true close relationship with God would inspire you to write with such power and revelation.. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  2. My walk before is what am trying to get back to, I enjoy those days I could talk to him about everything and He would reply back.. Now I feel I have drifted slowly from Him because I now think I can actually do things myself. I truly miss those days.

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