Denim overalls are one outfit that never go out of style, you see them everywhere every year as we transition from spring into summer. I have always wanted one because like you guys know I am really into one pieces. I am a tall girl and getting an overall that will not leave your butt cheeks hanging out can sometimes be a challenge so you can imagine my joy when I found this one with just the perfect length, it also has a cropped hem which made me love it Even more. Overalls gives almost everyone if not everyone an automatic youthful look which most ladies want.

When getting an overall like this one make sure it sits comfortably at the crotch area because there is nothing as annoying as trying to adjust in public and not being comfortable in your outfits. I would also recommend you get one with real pockets at the sides and in front it will be very useful on sunny days when you want to go hands free, at least you have a space for your phone and keys.

An overall with adjustable straps should also be considered when trying to purchase one, they make things really easy you can adjust the straps to either fit loosely or tightly whatever your choice is.

I paired my overalls with a white elbow length T shirt. You can go for short sleeves or a different color preferably black. Some prefer crop tops but in my opinion your legs are out already so no need to show off more skin ( again just my opinion ).

Concerning accessories you don’t need much, sunshades and earrings preferably the non dangling ones would be perfect. Remember the idea is to look cute and simple.

Put on a pair of comfortable sneakers and girl you are Good to go.

Photography: https://www.instagram.com/evgphotos

Makeup: https://www.instagram.com/onome._

Overalls: for those in Ukraine I got it at a shop called Odessa. You can get at any random clothing shop it doesn’t matter.

Sneakers: Zara woman

Have a blessed weekend 

Stay motivated….


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I am Vambe Beauty a lover of God,I am a strong beautiful and determined woman who believes all things are possible, a medical doctor who really likes to dress up. i hope to put a smile on your face as I bring you into my world.STAY BLESSED AND MOTIVATED


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