Few blogs ago I talked briefly about the book of 1st Samuel chapter 30:1-6 if you didn’t get to read that blog kindly click here to view. After going into more study of that chapter I found really interesting things.

Verse 8 says

David asked the Lord, “Shall I chase them? Will I catch them?” And the Lord told him, “Yes, go after them; you will recover everything that was taken from you!”

The first person David asked for affirmation from was God not his mother, father, friend, coworkers e.t.c he valued God’s word more than anything. He knew he could still count on God regardless of the situation. He was about to make one of the biggest decisions of his life and who else to talk to if not God. Earlier this year if am not mistaken, I attended a midweek service at church and we were asked a question which I will never forget, the question was who is the first person you think of or run to or call upon when disaster strikes? Truth is most of us don’t think of God we think of other people first and then God comes second, third or even last place. I am not immune to this mistake and I believe we all can learn from David. So David Got confirmation from God and he did as he was told but really interesting things happened along the way.

Verse 9-10

So David and his six hundred men set out after the Amalekites. When they reached Besor Brook, two hundred of the men were too exhausted to cross, but the other four hundred kept going.

Here we can see that he started off the journey with 600 men and 200 of them were exhausted along the way. He didn’t retaliate or force them to proceed which brings me to my next point compassion. On so many occasions in the Bible it was documented that Jesus had compassion for the people, the role of compassion cannot be overemphasized and it is something everyone of us should strive towards. As God places you in charge of people be it a small group or large number of people learn to genuinely seek the interest of others, it must not always go your own way, Do not say when I start leading a huge number of people I will learn that is a No No begin with your group mates, course mates, hostel mates, family members, and let the Holy Spirit work his way in you. Another thing I want us to take note of from this verse is that God doesn’t see limitations, I am certain 600 men who were now reduced to 400 wasn’t enough to conquer a nation from the human point of view but that didn’t stop God or David (thank God for his faith) from going on with the plan. If God has given you a vision or put it in your heart to do something, don’t look for every possible excuse to back down see that limitation as a possibility.

Verse 11-12

Along the way they found an Egyptian youth in a field and brought him to David. He had not had anything to eat or drink for three days and nights, so they gave him part of a fig cake, two clusters of raisins, and some water, and his strength soon returned.

This verse started with a really important statement “along the way”. As you begin your journey with God be careful not to push him aside along the way, never you think you are wiser or smarter than God and you no longer need his instructions because you will be setting yourself up for a disaster. As we walk with God he keeps signpost everywhere for us not to miss our way which is why it is very important for us to keep seeking him in every step. The Egyptian youth David’s men found in the field was one of those signpost and thank God they didn’t ignore it. What signposts have you ignored or are you currently ignoring? Be careful not to be carried away remember God gave you that vision you are running with in the first place. Again be compassionate this boy would have been left to starve to death but they didn’t let that happen.

Verse 13-16

Apparently the boy they saved was a servant to an Amalekite ( the Amalekites were the ones who raided the nation of Israel and took their wives and children). His master left him behind because he was sick. What if the master was compassionate enough to take his servant back home instead of leaving him in the field? Hmmm Who knew God would use this boy to lead David and his men into the camp of the Amalekites. Road-stamps!!! my people do not ignore them, as you let God lead you a lot of things would not make sense by your human understanding but trust Him and don’t take anything for granted.

Verse 17-20

Speaks of how David and his men had victory and were able to get back their wives and children.

From today’s writeup here are seven things you should take note of

• Before you take any step seek for God’s confirmation

• Let God always be your first point of call

• Be compassionate

See every limitation as a possibility

• Be careful not to push God to the sidelines as you embark on your journey

• Do not ignore the signposts

• If you want victory at the end make sure you stick with God.

Have an amazing week ahead

Stay motivated….


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