Denim shirt dresses come in different shapes, length, color and sizes and just like most things if not all things which are in the denim family, they never go out of fashion. If you have been reading my fashion post you will know by now that I don’t like clothes that are too complicated which is why I love this Denim dress. I am more of a leg exposer rather than cleavage ( those are sacred to me lol ) so I don’t really have a problem with some short items as long as they cover me up in the right places.

As you can see this denim dress is on a shorter side but most importantly the back is a bit longer than the front giving me a bit of coverage which also makes the dress more stylish and adds more character to it. if you get carried away when you sit I would advice you opt for a longer version or put on shorts underneath just to be on a safer side.

The buttons are silver colored which I really like owning to the fact that I prefer silver to gold. They are also the open and close kind of buttons which in my opinion are a life saver when you are trying to beat time.

The sleeves are forearm length and you can decide to fold it if you wish.i didn’t use any belts because the dress fits just rightly to my form. If your dress is on the loose side adding a belt will help with giving you that perfect silhouette.

Finally I paired my dress with rose pink heels, to add more color to my outfit. I know most people will prefer flats over heels when it comes to Denim dresses but putting on heels isn’t a bad idea especially if you don’t want to look too casual.

Do you own a Denim shirt dress? How would you style yours?

Makeup : click here


Denim dress : oodji

Shoes: Zign

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