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Looking for a honest Queenfy clothing Review? you are at the right place

Today’s blog is a special one because I get to do something which I had on my Wish list before I started blogging which is to do clothing reviews.

Clothing reviews isn’t something new, you see a lot of Influencers on

  • YouTube and Instagram including bloggers just like myself doing them.

It is my first Queenfy clothing review or any clothing review for that matter and being 100% honest with my readers is what I definitely intend doing .

Hopefully queenfy still works with me lol so grab a snack and let’s get this review started shall we?


You all know I am obsessed with one pieces so of course I had to choose an overall for my first review.

This denim overalls were sent to me by queenfy a China based online store, I sent my measurements to them since it was my first time shopping online and I didn’t want to make any mistakes.

I didn’t know what to expect though but they did a good job in helping me find the right size.

They  have a size chart so if you are a regular online shopper that wouldn’t be a problem for you.

As you can see it fits really well, the crotch area was a bit loose but you wouldn’t really notice.



For those who aren’t so much on the tall side, I don’t see the length being an issue.

However for my tall girls out there, honestly it is not as long as it was depicted in the picture.

The bottom is also not straight it is loose fitting giving off a trumpet shape kind of vibe which was why I had to fold mine so it doesn’t look awkward.



Concerning the color it was stated that the color seen on the photograph looks slightly different in

real life about a shade lighter, but this jumpsuit was like 3 or 4 shades lighter than what was online.

I wasn’t so pleased about the huge difference in color because it wasn’t what I was expecting but then

the color in real life isn’t that bad after all and I really like it now.


  • The material is really stretchy, very light and soft.

Honestly it is not the best jean material, but it is perfect for this sunny and hot weather.

However due to the elastic nature of the material, those on the thicker side wouldn’t have much of a problem fitting into them.

As you can see they are ripped but not outrageously ripped which is something I like about the outfit.

  • The straps are adjustable but you would have to fix the hook yourself because they came undone.

Thankfully all of the pockets are real so you have enough space to keep your items and go hands free in this hot weather.



It was shipped on the 26th of May and it arrived on the 13th of June ( almost 3 weeks) shipping fee was free I think but then it also depends on the country.


I hope you guys enjoyed this review? Feel free to leave any comments you have I will definitely give you a reply. Most importantly if you liked this review and you want to shop this look click here and don’t forget to like today’s blog.

Denim overalls: queenfy clothing

Sunshades: random shop.

Have a great weekend

Stay motivated….


  1. This looks really good on you, i still need enough courage to wear overalls 😭😂 weird!!
    I think my favorite shopping site for clothes is ASOS and for shoes I really like Lamoda 😁

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