One of the reasons why God’s word is so amazing is the fact that even when you have read it a million times, there is always something new which the Holy Spirit reveals to you as long as you are open to his teachings. In my last blog I talked about the book of Habakkuk the chapter 2. If you didn’t read that please kindly click here. I went back to study that chapter and I got a new revelation from it which I am about to share.

Habakkuk chapter 2:1

I will stand at my guard post And station myself on the tower; And I will keep watch to see what He will say to me, And what answer I will give [as His spokesman] when I am reproved.

The whole point of verse one will be missed if you don’t understand what led the prophet into beginning his statement that way. From the chapter one it was recorded that he had a vision where God showed him things about his nation and all of the hardships they were going to be faced with, so when he woke up from that vision he began by saying he will stand at his guard post and station himself I began to imagine him like a security man whose duty is to watch over a house and it is paramount that he doesn’t leave his post. So how does this relate to me as an individual?

It means there is a place of calling God has designated and intended for me to stay and grow in. God gave this prophet a vision and the first step in getting to understand this vision is/was.


Do not try to follow the crowd, don’t stay back in a place because your friends are there when clearly you know that is not where God intends for you to be, do not run with other people’s vision remember he did not say I will stand at someone else’s guard post . Imagine asking a fish to stay on dry Land, you and I know it would not survive why because it wasn’t created for land it has been designed by God to live, grow and enjoy its best life in water. You thrive better when you are in a place where God has asked you to be in and If things don’t go well you can always run back to God and let Him know he led you to that direction in the first place.

Next he said i will keep watch to see what he will say to me. Which brings me to my second point


He anticipated to hear what God had to say about this vision and the only way for him not to be distracted was to keep his eyes open and fixed on God. Staying at your place of calling is good but it’s definitely not enough. you do not sleep at your duty post you stay alert and look out for intruders. You need to keep asking God what next? Should I stay or should I move e.t.c I also see this as wisdom because when you have a Godgiven vision who else to receive instructions from if not from the one who gave you the vision? truth is whatever you have your eyes fixed on, your other senses as a matter of fact, your whole body connects to that one thing so as you keep looking onto jesus and seeking Him your whole senses just connects to Him and you don’t miss out on any step. Apart from receiving instructions when we keep our eyes fixed on Him, you don’t get distracted you don’t loose sight of the job on ground, the Devil no longer has any chance to lie to you or come through people who will try to talk you out of that vision. How do you keep your eyes fixed on Him? Stay in continuous fellowship with Him through study of the word, and prayer.

Chapter 2 verse 2

Then the Lord answered me and said, “Write the vision And engrave it plainly on [clay] tablets So that the one who reads it will run.


in the case of Habakkuk the vision he had was for a nation and while he was waiting to hear from God, God asked him to write down the vision so it could serve as a reminder what a great idea. What is the importance of writing down a goal/ vision/ dream….. let’s see the next verse

Chapter 2 verse 3

“For the vision is yet for the appointed [future] time It hurries toward the goal [of fulfillment]; it will not fail. Even though it delays, wait [patiently] for it, Because it will certainly come; it will not delay.


God knew things will come up that will try to hinder that dream from coming to pass which was why he said to write it down so that when you are discouraged, or you feel God has lied to you which of course is not true,  nothing is working out, you feel you made the biggest mistake of your life  or maybe you have even forgotten what the dream was, you can always go back to your reminder and before you know it you become encouraged again. As I bring this write up to a close I want to let you know something


you can see from the verse 3 that God Himself said even though it delays meaning there would be delays, your bank account might even go red, people will talk you down, you will feel like a looser when you see those you started before already at the top but wait patiently it will happen at the appointed time and it won’t delay a single second when it is time.

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  1. Another encouraging word ❤️ Thanks for being at your place of calling with this one….I was blessed 🙏🏽

  2. Great and inspiring one..I pray for more wisdom as you keep touching lives.
    I’m proud of you🙏🏾

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