Dear ladies, it is ok to compliment another lady, it is not a crime to see something good on another lady and actually appreciate it, it is ok to be kind to another lady, you won’t die if you give a good advice to your fellow lady, it is not weird for you to walk up to another lady and tell her she is beautiful. Please stop putting other women down, stop the body shaming. Life is not about competition you will get to your destination at your God given time so stop thinking you are in a competition with the other lady next door.

My dear ladies it is totally ok to support the other persons goals Do not feel you are more important than the other lady who just walked passed you or your colleague at your work place for we are all dust. Instead of putting others down and rejoicing over their misfortune how about you pray for them, ladies be a shoulder for your fellow lady to lean on. Stop being mean, stop the gossips, stop being angry or envious over ones success, do not see an opportunity and try to hide it from the other person whom you know would really need some help. Stop being selfish for once think of the other persons feelings.

I have been on the road on countless occasions and I realized the ladies are the ones who would not want to stop for a fellow lady to cross the road ( I might be wrong but it is just my experience). Please let us show more empathy to each other, we keep talking about woman power but in reality we hate each other and if we must move forward this has to stop. You see guys talk to each other even if they are just meeting for the first time but you hardly ever see us ladies do that, we stare at each other eye to eye and can’t even utter a word as simple as Hi and if one eventually does say Hi the other pretends like she heard nothing even if she did. We do better when we are united and I believe we can do better if we set our minds to do it. Please stop with the so called “clique”, because someone is not in your clique you don’t see the need to be friendly? You look down on others and feel you know better Am sorry but that makes you ignorant.


Have an amazing week ahead.

Stay motivated….

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I am Vambe Beauty a lover of God,I am a strong beautiful and determined woman who believes all things are possible, a medical doctor who really likes to dress up. i hope to put a smile on your face as I bring you into my world.STAY BLESSED AND MOTIVATED


  1. Such an empowering post! Thank you for sharing! I also agree! We need to stop pitting woman against each other and celebrate each other! We are all beautiful woman in our own way! That’s why I constantly compliment my friends.

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  2. Preach, sister!!! I feel like that generations upon generations of women were brought up to believe that other women are ‘envious ‘ of them and want to steel their boyfriend, while boys are generally taught to view other males as friends and comrades. I’m not saying that friendship among women doesn’t exist, but us women do view other females, specially not the ones that are our friends as competition. No wonder it is men who rule the world. How can we be strong and fight for equal rights and opportunities if we don’t support each other? I am raising two daughters and hope by the time they grow up they will view all women as their friends and partners instead of enemies and competition.

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