So it’s summer and you are scheming through your closet looking for the outfit which perfectly befits the weather, you come across this beautiful black outfit which seems like the perfect outfit to put on but unfortunately it is not summer friendly because like we all know black absorbs heat.

As much as the color black isn’t summer friendly, it doesn’t mean we should totally ditch the color black. If you still want to rock black outfits and not worry about how hot you would be here are some simple steps to follow.

1. Go for chiffon material: Trust me when I say they are the perfect material for summer just like cotton material. They allow you breath and regardless of what color they come in, you can be sure that you would be comfortable having them on. The material I have on is of course chiffon and honestly even with the sleeves of this shirt being long I was super comfortable.

2. Avoid restrictive clothings: if you are going to put on black then please make sure your outfit flows with the wind meaning it should be free not tight, if possible it should have some form of opening. The reason why I can keep rocking this shirt no matter how hot the weather is, is because it is very loose and the back is open. If you are concerned about your body being exposed, you can put on a light camisole inside like I did so even if the wind blows my body is still protected.

3. Add a touch of color: when you think of summer you think of colors, try not to have all black on from head to toe. A touch of color I believe would make your outfit pop more. I decided to go for a wine colored scarf because it reminded me of home and I wanted my outfit to have more character.

4. Do not be scared to accessorize: I am not saying go all out and put on heavy jewelry but a little accessory don’t hurt nobody. Add more life to your black outfit.

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Shirt: reserved 

Jeans: Collins 

Shoes: Zara 

Scarf and accessories: random shop

Have a great day ahead

Stay motivated….


  1. I love this outfit 😍
    Plus black is my favorite color so this tip is important for me 😁

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