Last week I was speaking with my Dad and after telling him some of the challenges I was having he said this to me a lion can never give birth to a goat, I am a lion who has birthed a lioness, you carry my genes and because I have accomplished so many things in my life through God’s help even through the toughest of times you would also accomplish yours. I know who I gave birth to and she is as tough and persevering as I am. This words sent down chills within my spine, after I had dropped the call i began to think as usual.

When Jesus died for us and we received him as our lord and personal saviour something happened and you know what that was? An exchange happened. Yes our sinful nature I would love to say our genes were automatically changed because a new life was given and the old life was taken making us new creatures. Created in God’s image, automatically becoming his children and carrying within us his genes.

Since we are Gods children why do we exhibit traits which are not of our father and settle for less than what he has intended for us?

Why are we timid? so full of fear, why do we feel inferior? why can’t we speak out? why are we not living the life our father has called us to live? why are you hiding in a box? why are you letting life pass you by? why are you just existing and not living? why are you living in pity? why do you always want to quit when you are faced with a challenge? why are you not committed to the little God has placed in your hands?why are you not letting God’s light shine through you?

Dear reader the truth is life is full of challenges and you will face a whole lot of those challenges but you have not been called to walk that path alone, you have a father who is always present to encourage you, walk that journey with you and most importantly love you even when you don’t love yourself so stop listening to the devil you are not alone. God is saying I know my child, I believe in his /her abilities so Run to your father you are the son/daughter of the most excellent God you carry His genes, you are not allowed to settle for less than what He has called you for.


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