THE GIDEON RULE!!!(part 1)


The Gideon Rule…..

While I was studying the book of judges the seventh chapter to be precise, God opened my eyes to see something amazing like he always does and which I will be Sharing part of it in today’s blog and post the other part in the next blog so stay tuned for that.

God chose Gideon for an Assignment which was for him to save his people from the medianites. The medianites were terrorizing the people of Israel and God chose Gideon as the man who would lead an army to fight against this people.

Like any person in this situation would do, Gideon chose the “best men “ those he believed were capable and strong enough to go for war 32,000 men in total.

Let us see what the Bible says in judges chapter 7:1-3(TLB version)

Chapter 1:
Jerubbaal (that is, Gideon—his other name) and his army got an early start and went as far as the spring of Harod. The armies of Midian were camped north of them, down in the valley beside the hill of Moreh.
Chapter 2:
The Lord then said to Gideon, “There are too many of you! I can’t let all of you fight the Midianites, for then the people of Israel will boast to me that they saved themselves by their own strength!
Chapter 3:
Send home any of your men who are timid and frightened.” So twenty-two thousand of them left, and only ten thousand remained who were willing to fight.

Our main focus for today’s blog will be the chapter two and three. Now here is what I learnt.

Number 1: not everyone who you began your journey with will end the journey with you in other words you will lose a lot of people along the way.

When I say lose I don’t mean death in this context I mean some people in your life will have to stay behind in order for you to continue your journey.

This is a really bitter pill to chew especially when you have made plans with such people and you already saw yourself accomplishing so many milestones with them.

What if just like Gideon God is saying to you my daughter/my son this people you feel you need on this journey with me, really have no role to play it is time to let them go or what if God is saying this people/person would only end up being a distraction and I need you to be focused….

we need to understand that keeping people in our lives beyond their season can be fatal, you can miss out on a major breakthrough all because you were stuck with someone at a time and place where you weren’t meant to be.

Remember God knows the end from the beginning and it would do us so much Good and prevent us from harm if we can trust and obey him.

Do not try to bargain with God Let God keep the people in your life which he intends to keep.

Why was God asking Gideon to get rid of some of the men?

He said because they would boast that they saved themselves by their own strength, this leads me to my second point.
Number 2: Never put your trust in man or your own self:
your trust should be in God who is accomplishing that great thing through you or through someone else. Never make the mistake of taking the glory.
Take a moment to think, are there people or a person in your life whom you feel you are nothing without or you feel if that person walks out on you, or stops funding your project then you are finished?
well if there is anybody like that am sorry but you need to sit down and make some adjustments.
God doesn’t bring people into our lives for them to take His place, He brings them so he can accomplish something through them for you.
I have come to realize that one of the reasons God intentionally takes some people out of our lives is
because we have become too dependent on them instead of the God who brought them into our lives.
It would only take someone who truly loves God to realize that God is only using them to accomplish his will every other person would take the glory and rub it in your face.
Take your eyes off your self and man and fix your eyes on Jesus.
I am not saying don’t appreciate people or acknowledge the good they are doing for you all I am saying is they should never take God’s place.

The chapter 3 talks about God asking Gideon to send home any of his men who are timid or frightened.

Number 3: please do not force anyone to follow the path which you have chosen all because you don’t want to be alone you are setting yourself up for failure.
I guess Gideon did not take the time out to ask the people if they wanted to go for war or not
He just chose them without knowing they were full of fear, thank God for His wisdom, imagine if God had not asked him to carry out this exercise of selection..
Ask God for wisdom when it comes to making or taking any decision.
  • Do not just choose anyone for a life changing event or experience, look beyond physical appearance.
  • You need people who are like minded people who aren’t fearful because honestly fear would stop you from accomplishing even the smallest of tasks.
  • Look for faith boosters not fear boosters.

As I bring this write-up to a conclusion here is my final point

Number 4: keep your ears and your heart open.

Be spiritually sensitive, let the ears of your spirit be open constantly so you know when God is speaking and when it is just your mind or the enemy playing games with you.

Let your heart be open to whatever God intends to do, do not harden your heart when God speaks,

imagine if Gideon had disobeyed, there are times when it won’t make sense but the Beauty of it is surrendering to His will. Keep your heart teachable.

How do I know when it is time to let go of some people?

First of all letting go of some folks doesn’t mean fighting with them or telling them how useless they are, it is spiritual discernment and letting God work his wisdom in you.

Most of the times from my experience, God will raise up situations or events which would make it really clear for you, at times he would use those people to give you signals ( don’t ignore those signals).

He would speak to you through his word or even in prayers God is not the author of confusion and I believe He will guide you to make the right decisions and give you wisdom on how to go about it.

Have a fruitful week ahead.

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Stay motivated….


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