Trends come and go, but there are just somethings I believe everyone (yes the male folks are not exempted ) should have in their wardrobes. This items have been a lifesaver for me and they would continue to be in my wardrobe as they are never going away.

  • BLACK BLAZER: I cannot tell you the number of times my black blazer has saved me from looking a mess. Regardless of the color, blazers are definitely a must have. I specified the color black because it just goes with anything. Throw on a black blazer over a white T shirt and jeans and you are ready to go.


  • BLACK TROUSER: once upon a time I did not have a single black trouser in my wardrobe, how is that possible? How did I survive lol. Now that I have them, I am not even giving them any room to breathe. Do I really need to talk about the numerous advantages of owning a pair of black trousers? I don’t think so. You all know. Get yourself a pair if you don’t have any because trust me you are making an investment.


  • WAIST COAT: Apart from a well mannered man, there is just something about a man with a properly ironed white long sleeved shirt and a fitted waist coat. That is all I will say about that 😂. Most ladies are not keen about waistcoats but I tell you this piece comes really handy. As you can see in this picture I have a black waistcoat on, apart from wanting a piece which would make me standout, my white shirt was too big and I did not want to use a belt thank goodness I had a waistcoat in my wardrobe, it just got me snatched  in the right places and left me looking like a million bucks.


  • BLACK SHOES/HEELS: At this point I feel really bad for my black heels and my black sneakers, I wear them every dang time but can you blame me? Heels just make the most unflattering outfit automatically classy.

What is that one outfit in your wardrobe you cannot do away with? Let me know by leaving your comments. Don’t forget to like if you enjoyed reading this post.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Stay motivated….


  1. I totally agree with you! Another thing is a black dress. I can wear it anywhere, and jeans! I think almost everyone has a jeans pant or skirt. Love the poses 💓

  2. Girl you looking classy. And don’t tell us you feel bad for the same shoes! They look good on you that’s the most important thing

  3. I always have black pants in my wardrobe and a warm and comfy sweater in white or grey that looks stylish on me with scarfs! I live in Norway so the weather is often cold.

    I really like your outfit!
    I used to have a black waistcoat before but it became to small for me… But I am thinking of making one for myself (can’t find anyone that fits me here in Norway and that’s why I sew 😉 )!

  4. I like your emphasis on colour black. Gimme black everything!- Shoes, bag, blazer, dress, trouser etc and i can style them in more ways with other colours. Lovely pictures dear, you look great!

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