SUNSHADES: I always liked sunshades but I was always scared to buy them because I felt I looked Ridiculous wearing them I just didn’t know what sunshades were best for my face shape. Since I now understand my face shape I literally long for the sun to be out so I can Rock my shades. They protect your eyes from the sun, make you look sleek, more confident and just tops up your whole look. On days when You don’t feel like putting on makeup or you are not just feeling your face, trust me sunshades would help you solve that problem. I especially love this sunshades which I got from SZALEO they are the best sunshades I have had, very qualitative fits perfectly on the face and to top it up they are really cheap.

Click HERE to read on picking the right sunshades for your face shape

HANDBAGS: school bags have always been my thing but there are occasions and outfits which definitely needs a handbag. Just like sunshades, handbags are always a win regardless of the size or shape. I personally prefer bags with extra straps like the one I have on in this picture because they come really handy In all seasons( when it is too cold and you want to go hands free and also in the summer). I also got this bag from SZALEO you won’t believe my heels fit into this bag, the straps are adjustable and can be removed if you feel like carrying it as a clutch. They looked way better in real life, superb material with beautiful button detail. I would recommend it to anyone.

WRISTWATCHES: Am I the only one who forgets to put on their wristwatch? Even if we can easily check the time with our phones, wristwatches are really great accessories and they also speak well of the individual who has them on( even if they don’t keep to time lol). There are so many stylish wristwatches out there and you don’t even have to worry about putting on bracelets because they are already serving that purpose.

Are you into wristwatches? Let me know.

NECKLACE: They look great on both men and women.I personally prefer the smaller almost non existent necklace ( silver to be precise) but whatever your Choice is they definitely add more life to an outfit.

Have a blessed weekend

Stay motivated…




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I am Vambe Beauty a lover of God,I am a strong beautiful and determined woman who believes all things are possible, a medical doctor who really likes to dress up. i hope to put a smile on your face as I bring you into my world.STAY BLESSED AND MOTIVATED


  1. Love the sunglasses, always wear mine. I also love handbags and change them often. Watches? Not so much and I have been given beautiful ones from friends. Somehow I just am not comfortable with them on my wrist, but I do love bracelets….

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