There is no spring or summer without flowers and green leaves, this also reflects in our clothings during this seasons. Summer is my best season and I love to have so much fun with my outfits, put on as much floral prints as I can and just live in the moment because before you know it we are back to putting on our winter attire. This is an off white coloured Romperwhich I got from pink basis a US based online clothing store. Here are all of the details you need to know about this outfit.

MEASUREMENT/FITTING: I got this in a size medium, they have a size chart on their website which makes it easy for you to pick the right size. The bottom is loose fitting which I like becomes it gives your legs room to breathe. I opted for a size medium because I am tall and since the sleeves are long I needed them to fit my entire arm. The down side to choosing size M is that the waist didn’t fit well because my waist is quite small but I fixed this by using a belt.

MATERIAL: The material is cotton, it is not stretchy and it feels really soft so it is definitely perfect for the weather, I am actually impressed because it is not just soft  the quality is really good. The romper has an inner lining which I personally love and feel like they put so much thought into the design of the outfit.

LENGTH: Like I always state, I am a tall girl (6ft 1’) with really long legs so things that are normal length for others are usually short for me, with this romper though I am very ok with the length and I think if I had chosen a size S my butt cheeks would be out so I wouldn’t advice anyone to downsize. If the waist is loose you can always use a belt just like I did.

COLOUR: The color isn’t so different from what is on the site, it is off white, coloured with deep blue and coffee brown floral prints really gorgeous.

DETAILS: The sleeves are bell sleeves as you can see in this picture, it also has tiny pleats on the waist area which adds more character to the outfit, a little bit of opening in the front and back so you can get as much air as possible 😀

SHIPPING: It took 2 weeks and few days to be delivered.

MY FINAL CONCLUSION: It is a yes from me, the sizing had a little problem but nothing too big a belt couldn’t fix and for those who like loose fitting outfits I don’t think that would be a problem for you. I would recommend you get the romper if you like it.

What do you think about this outfit is it a miss or a hit let me know.

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Have an amazing week ahead

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I am Vambe Beauty a lover of God,I am a strong beautiful and determined woman who believes all things are possible, a medical doctor who really likes to dress up. i hope to put a smile on your face as I bring you into my world.STAY BLESSED AND MOTIVATED


  1. That’s really pretty and I love how you showed off the different features. Being small I have the opposite problem with sleeves, they’re always too big so I tend to prefer shorter sleeves but this is so pretty just as it is

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