why should i celebrate something small? instead of celebrating my small victories i would rather wait until i land my hands on something Big…. Do you fall into the category of people who make such statements? if you don’t i am happy to hear that if you however fall into this category i believe you can learn something today.

For the first time in my life i played volleyball, one would think i am a pro at this sport due to my height and long limbs, but unfortunately i know nothing about volley ball. I am really happy that my church was thoughtful enough to organize an outing like this one because it gave me an opportunity to want to try something new.

I had no idea on how the game was going to turn out, was i going to make a fool of myself on the court or come back home with a broken limb? so many thoughts filled my head but backing out wasn’t an option after all it was my one chance to make history and  add an activity to my empty list of hobbies.

I did terribly on the court, i caught the ball instead of throwing it back to the opposing team, i was just doing the total opposite of everything.

There came the one moment that changed everything, i threw the ball like i was supposed to and to cut the long story short, our team won a point. you can imagine my excitement over that one point, i kept on screaming i did it… i did it…it was as though i had won a gold medal.

so someone reading this post is saying ” your team won just a single point” and so? it is not a big deal

That little victory opened me up to something new. we always ignore our small victories, we would rather wait for the big win. we get too occupied trying to accomplish big things meanwhile we forget about those little milestones which we have been able to achieve.

Every big thing you see today started small, the strongest trees were once tiny little seeds, that billion dollar company was once an idea, that cute child was once a sperm. Stop beating up yourself because you failed at something or you see people living the life you have been dreaming about and you automatically see yourself as a failure…. do not forget every individual is unique and our journeys are different. learn to embrace and appreciate your small victories.

small victories
No big steps without baby steps

In the real sense those little accomplishments are actually not little because without them, there would be no room for bigger opportunities. i remember my first bog post  lord knows my heart still beats fast each time i think about all the things i went through before i finally published it, today i can gladly say without my first blog post i would not even be writing this.

I might never get to play volleyball again and even if i do, my first win would always be my motivation.

look around you, enjoy all that you see, live in the moment cherish the little moments, appreciate the baby steps because they are leading you into great things.


Have an amazing day ahead.

stay motivated….

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  1. Wow this is deep, I really needed to read these words. Some of us need constant encouragements and positivity like this one. Thank you darling, God bless.

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