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How do we keep it casual but still maintain our classiness in other words how can casual and classy thrive together?

when it comes to keeping it classy most people think about a tucked in buttoned down T-shirt and  tailored trousers, a nice blazer paired with knee length skirt or trouser, heels and a decent sized bag to go with it. No doubt all of the things I have mentioned  looks nice and well put together but sometimes we just want to look different from the normal, have some fun with our outfits and be able to still  keep it classy.

I have come up with a few tips which can help us achieve the desired casual and classy look.

TIP NUMBER 1: Opt for plaid trousers instead of plain trousers.

Plain trousers can be really boring especially the conventional black trousers, choosing trousers with patterns or stripes helps to add more life to the outfit making it more fun and at the same time preserving the classiness which we don’t want to loose.

simple yet classy
Plaid pants

TIP NUMBER 2: high rise trousers instead of low rise.

High rise trousers are very versatile, they are trendy and more stylish. In this picture I have on high rise paper bag pants, the waist detail gives it a unique look and would go well with most tops. Talk about keeping it casual and classy.

high rise trousers
Classy will never go out of style

TIP NUMBER 3: Avoid showing too much skin

You can still look really beautiful without showing off too much skin, there is beauty and class in simplicity. Do not forget the goal is to keep it casual but still classy at the same time. If you have to put on a crop top then a high waist trouser would be more appropriate.

Casual yet Classy
There is beauty in simplicity


We cannot completely ditch our shirts they have been good to us and are here to stay. However opting for more fun options is required. You can choose to go for an off shoulder top with double layered ruffled sleeves like I did, or even a low cut neckline will do just to make the whole look less boring.

Keeping it classy
Off the shoulder double layered crop top

TIP NO 5: choose the right shoes

I chose to put on heels because I wanted to be extra, a pair of nice white sneakers or pointed toe flat shoes would also go well with this look.

TIP NO 6: handbag

In my opinion whatever size of handbag you feel is convenient for you then so be it. if you need more space a tiny bag would not be ideal and if the only space you need is for your keys, phone, credit card and lip gloss then a tiny bag is what you would need. just make sure it goes well with your outfit.

Hand bag

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