Run faster, move faster…. everyone is in a rush to get somewhere but what happens when our attempt to be fast takes us out of God’s plan for us?

Earlier this week I was speaking with my dad and he said something which left me thinking the whole day. A quick shout out to all the dads out there who keep encouraging their kids and making sure they are on the right path we appreciate you all.

Back to the topic…

My dad was eavesdropping on my conversation with my mum and after listening to my complaints he lovingly said…..

You cannot run faster than God. Each time I have conversations with my dad I end up thinking deep and having a conversation with myself, this time wasn’t an exception.

  1. Am I trying to play God without even realizing it?
  2. Am I running faster than God?
  3. What do I do now? how do I fix this?

Question 1: yes I was, and so does most of us.

But how do I play God someone might ask? good question… Have you ever asked someone to help you do something you are very good at, but due to some reasons you cant do it by yourself?  this person lovingly offers to help and does a terrific job but somehow you are not pleased because you feel you are a G at that particular thing and no one can do it perfectly….. We do the same with God, we run to him and ask him for help talking about those that ask him for help because some people don’t they feel they don’t need God. so you run to God and cry to Him He reassures you and lets you know He has everything covered and in Control, Guess what you do? you start running things on your own terms you even give God your terms and conditions. This is not you trying to ask a friend to help you out on something you are good at but cannot accomplish at that moment, This is God we are talking about and you can never be smarter than Him. How foolish of us to think we can help ourselves….

Stop trying to play God…. God’s foolishness  will always be wiser than the wisdom of man He is called the all knowing and wise God for a reason.

Question 2: I am sure most of us have heard this saying and I quote YOU CAN NEVER BE FASTER THAN YOUR SHADOW… I am not comparing God to a shadow because He is too great to be compared with that, it is just an illustration. You see how your shadow is always ahead of you? that is nothing compared to how God is ahead of us. We see the now God sees the future and before you got to the point where you are at the moment God saw it way ahead of time .

Faster than God?
Lead me on God and I will run after you

Stop trying to move to another point in your life when God is saying hold on my daughter/son your journey here is not yet done you still have some growing up to do, you still have people you need to meet, you still have some relationships to let go of, you are still lagging behind in your commitment, you still have some habits to break….. you cannot go on  to the next phase with the same baggage you have in this phase. Let God take the lead and you just run after Him.

Question 3: One of my best prayers to pray is God help me I need you to strengthen me and while you strengthen me help me and teach me to trust you. you cannot walk with God relying on the strength from yesterday because everyday comes with different responsibilities. God loves a sincere heart and he is always ready to hear you and come to your aid.

Be sure to leave your comments and suggestions I would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing day ahead

Stay motivated….

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