Growing up is not easy and is definitely a decision one has to make…

On todays blog I would be sharing some things I have learnt in the past  but which have become even real to me since I graduated medical school. This is not to put fear into anyone but to prepare you for what is ahead.

From the topic you can tell I am about to talk about growing up A.K.A adulting. I would be very honest with you guys, life became real to me getting towards the end of medical school and it became even more real after medical school. All of a sudden I had this urge to want to fend for myself I did not want to be that daughter who was still asking for money from her parents, I wanted to be more responsible for myself.

I had never had a job or worked before in my twenty something years of existence, how would taking care of myself be possible if I did not even know how to craft a Resume talk more of seeking for a job?…. At some point I gave up on the idea I couldn’t bear the thought of going through all of this stress, growing up/adulting wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.

Why did I have to wait this long? too many reasons which I really do not want to go into so I do not bore you guys, Here are a list of things I have learnt in this new phase of my life and my little advice to you reading this post.



Please do not let anyone trick you into thinking as you get older things will get easier that is a big lie…. if you have been blessed enough to not have to work for anything, well good for you but don’t forget there is work to be done on yourself as an individual. Money cannot buy you character, resilience, happiness E.T.C

Growing Up
work on Yourself


 Like I said earlier, growing up isn’t easy so now that you know, the next thing to do is to prepare yourself.

Get your mind ready. I knew where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do after graduation.

I had planned all this two years prior but It did not stop me from being  stressed.

you can imagine if there was no plan at all that would have been double stress.

Knowing the goal ahead of me pushes me to be more resilient everyday.

whether you are in or out of school, have a goal and prepare yourself.

Growing up
Preparation meets opportunity = Success


If you are not willing to leave your comfort zone then growing up is not for you.

I remember as a kid, each time I fell ill my dad would always say

it is because I am growing up so my body is trying to adjust to the Growth.

Once we are used to a particular lifestyle, transitioning isn’t easy it would take a lot of discipline to make adjustments.

leaving our comfort zone can mean a whole lot of things.

It could mean having to sleep less and waking up early,

Cutting off some people out of our life,

praying more,

Being more accountable to God and to ourselves,

writing this blog late at night because that is the only time I have. It will not be easy but it will be worth it.

Growing Up
No more Comfort Zones

4) YOU MIGHT WANT TO QUIT: like I stated earlier, I thought about quitting but thank God for wise counsel the amazing people I have in my life and constantly reminding myself about what is ahead of me. Behind every success story there is another story that most people do not know about. Hang in there.


5) YOU WILL HEAR A LOT OF NO’S: People will turn you down but it is ok . I believe the naysayers give room for the right opportunities to come. Never you feel you are not capable enough or good enough BECAUSE YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.

growing up
Do not let the disappointments stop you

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stay motivated….

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