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Learning to love yourself and the body you are in is very essential in overcoming body image issues.

I struggled with what to write for this particular blog, I wanted to write on something different and all the ideas I had didn’t just sit right with me.

I finally decided to write on fashion inspiration because whether we like it or not, There are people out there who are not happy with the way they look. people have become depressed due to body image issues and my goal is that someone reads this and be inspired.

I often hear people say to me, you have the perfect figure, you have no issues I just smile most of the times but little do they know I have my insecurities. I would be very blunt here, and I feel like I am going to get myself into trouble for writing this but it is ok.

I never loved my boobs I always felt they were too big for a slim girl like me and it drew attention. I know someone is saying Beauty you are crazy what boobs are you talking about? well I always wished they were smaller…. At some point I began to realize it was a thing of the mind and God who created me this way isn’t foolish. I have learnt to embrace it and I put on outfits which I know I would be comfortable in.

Love yourself, your body doesn’t define you, do not get carried away by what you see on social media because most of it isn’t real… Embrace that which God has endowed you with.

Be your biggest fan… if you have some problem areas  please your first solution shouldn’t be plastic Surgery except if it is something that is life threatening. Surround yourself with positive people not people who are about the fake life…

Eat healthy, Exercise regularly, be mindful of your mental health, do not be afraid to go for therapy sessions because they are very helpful. if you cannot afford that, talk to someone you can trust.

Bear in mind that once You are at a good place mentally and emotionally then you will feel good on the outside. There are a bunch of people who lost a lot of weight but still went into depression because they did not focus on their mental health, likewise there are slim people who feel fat and wish they were slimmer (that is another mental issue) so Please focus on your mental Health and seek help.

Be your motivation, It can be really difficult at times but that doesn’t mean you cant do it. cheer up yourself and know that there is more to you than your Body, Don’t forget there are people out there wishing they had legs, arms, a perfectly functioning Nose… just like yours.  you have been Created Fearfully, wonderfully, and perfect  in Gods image.

This beautiful dress is from Amiclub Wear be sure to check out their site.

crossbody Bag

 Have an Amazing weekend

Stay motivated….

Fashion Inspiration
Enjoying the last days of summer
Fashion Inspiration
Beautiful Bag to go with a beautiful dress
fashion Inspiration
Ruffles Everyday please


  1. You are simply all you’ve got. With the society we live in and the generation we are now, it’s a lot harder but we need to remind ourselves everytime. Beautiful writeup and you’re beautiful as always. Wear more if Yellow too😍😍😍

  2. This is such an amazing post! And it’s so true, sometimes my friends will compliment parts of my body that I actually wish were different. I have actually become more confident now that I’ve gained weight, I still hope to lose some of the fat but it’s all about your mental health and how you look at yourself!

  3. What big boobs are you talking about?🙄 you look amazing darling. I agree with you, we need to love ourselves and be our biggest fan. That dress was made for you. As I told you on Instagram, you have encouraged me to wear my yellow dress😘💛💛

    1. 😂😂😂 the ruffles on the dress is covering it.
      Thank you for the compliment
      And I cannot get over how gorgeous you looked in that dress. Sending you lots of 💗

  4. Yes poop I am d biggest fan of myself and yes I have grown to love myself unconditionally cos no one will love me better. Insecurities only kills us. And u look good yellow also look good on u. About d boob’s that’s story for another day.

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