6 simple steps on how to deal with low self esteem.

Today’s topic is one that was suggested by an amazing friend and sister, I felt so honored when she asked me to write on this so shout out to you girl and every other person who is reading this.

Truth be told I have never had to deal with low self esteem, but I have been around people who had to battle with this issue and I know it is not a good place to be.

I am not an expert, but I would like to think some of this tips am about to share would help whoever is reading this and hopefully you break out of that shell and be who you really want to be and who God has intended for you to be.

So how does one deal with low self esteem???

  1. Identify the cause of the issue
Dealing with low self esteem
Identifying the root of the matter

Ask your self why you feel the way that you do? think back to when you first started feeling like you weren’t good enough, Did someone say something to you which you just couldn’t let go of? I believe if you are able to identify the cause of the issue then you would be able to move on to the next phase which is.

2. Time to face the issue no more hiding

So you have identified the issue, it is time to face it… your issue might be that you feel  you are not beautiful enough or someone called you ugly and you have carried that with you for as long as you know, so much so that you cannot look at yourself in the mirror……. It is time for you to look at yourself in the mirror and see just how perfect you are.

The first week would be very difficult but don’t quit take it one step at a time begin to love every bit of yourself, you can begin with your eyes and then move to your nose, your ears….. with time you would begin to see how whole you are.

maybe you Stammer and you cant even stand your own voice talk more of talking to people, begin by talking to yourself… do it daily learn to love your voice and the way you sound, try to read around those you love and gradually you would see a change.

If you get so nervous when you are around people, I mean who doesn’t? we all feel that way or have felt that way at some point, I would say be around people who make you feel comfortable and as you begin to build up your confidence you can decide to move on to a bigger crowd.

3. Believe in yourself stop doubting your capabilities

dealing with low self esteem

I know low self esteem can be so bad that it puts so much fear into you and makes you believe you cannot do anything, or you are not good enough…. That is a lie, you are enough and no one is as unique as you are it is time to let go of that fear…

just take a second to think right now , what is that thing you have failed to do because you were scared and you did not feel good about yourself? Go on and give it a try, it might not go well the first time but that shouldn’t stop you from trying. Your next move might just be an answer to someone’s prayer so what is stopping you?

4. Stop talking down on yourself

Dealing with low self esteem

You might not feel good about yourself, but it is not a reason for you to talk yourself down, as a matter of fact there should be no reason whatsoever for anyone to talk down themselves.

If someone tries to tell you how good for nothing you are, please quickly shut them up. let them know God does not and would never create anything that is not good, you have been created in Gods  image and you are only allowed to speak life over yourself

Carry yourself and see yourself the way God sees you….Time to think and speak differently…

Have you spoken life over yourself today?

5. Don’t try to fit into the status quo

dealing with low self esteem
You are unique

Have you ever thought for a moment that maybe you are having self esteem issues because you are trying to fit in too hard into where you aren’t even meant to be in the first place or you are trying to be who God has not intended for you to be?

It is ok to be different, you can make a change by standing out… God has given each of us something different from the other person, stop looking to fit into other peoples way of life and ignore what God has given to you.

Create your own path

6. Be thankful

When you are thankful for the life you have and contented with what God has given to you, there would be no room for sadness… you would literally see everyday as a miracle.

Let thankfulness be a way of life for you

What are you thankful for today?

feel free to live your Comments and Suggestions , I would love to hear from you guys….

Have a great day ahead

Stay motivated….

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I was a confident little girl, very bold, I loved to sing in public, be a clown in a room full of people to make everybody laugh… then getting older I met all types of wrong guys and slowly I lost a lot of my confidence and self esteem. You actually end up thinking you are the one that has a problem… why does nobody want to be in a serious sincere relationship with me? All those guys were losers and did not want commitment, that’s all… I decided to stay alone for a very long time and work on being happy by myself. And I DID! I was just better off alone feeling wonderful and partying with my girls only. Then I met THE RIGHT GUY and he makes me a much better person than I have ever been. He believes in me and supports me in everything I do. I just want to say that, the way you see yourself is the only important thing. God bless you my dear good evening <3

  2. This is a really good post. I’m glad I stumbled across this today as I really needed this message especially point 3. I’ve been wanting to give up on something but you’ve just reminded me to keep trying bc I never know how it could help others 💜

    1. Hy Ash I feel really happy to know that you have decided to keep on trying, you will overcome honey stay strong!!! Thank you so much for reading ❤️❤️❤️

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