I am certain 90% of people have walked into a shop with the intention of buying one item, lets say a BAG  or a SCARF and they ended up leaving with the total opposite of what they had in mind in the first place… I can testify to this.

So How do we get to discipline ourselves when we go shopping and not get carried away? here are some of my tips.

  1. Before you go shopping ask yourself this questions.

I know I know no body got time for that… But trust me if you are on a budget and you know how much every penny you spend means, you wouldn’t mind engaging yourself in a serious and true conversation. Questions such as

  • Do I really need to go shopping?
  • How important is this item I am about to buy?
  • Do I see myself making a good use of this item?
  • Can I do without it?

Of course there are some items which you do not need to think twice about because they are very important… Having this kind of conversation with yourself would save you the stress of going shopping at the wrong time and also prevent you from getting those unnecessary items.

2. Go with the exact amount of money or a little above the amount you budgeted for.

On several occasions I have gone shopping with too much money than I needed and am sure you know the end of the story, I ended up buying Extra things..

I would advice you know how much, or have an estimate of the price of the item/items you are willing to purchase then take an extra amount (Not something so huge). Having the exact amount would help you stay focused, you can only end up admiring those items you wished you could get but cant get at that moment….

You would get home and be happy about the choice you made and life goes on.

3. Be accountable to yourself

How long would you continue the cycle of getting home and wishing you had spent less or stuck with your budget? set a goal and stick to it, it is not easy I know but you can do it. Think of how much you would be saving and how much you can actually be able to count on yourself as someone who set a goal and was able to accomplish it.

4. Go shopping with the right people

I don’t like to shop alone, it is very boring for me, so if you are someone like me please do not go shopping with someone who you know would make you buy something you really do not need in your life. whenever I have an urge of buying an item which wasn’t part of my budget I love to ask whoever am with questions, because I know at that moment I am not really thinking right.

  • what do you think about this item?
  • Do you honestly think I need it?
  • is it worth the price?

Simple questions like this asked to the right person would save you a lot of headache and help you get your act together.

5. Set a day in a month, two months, or even a day in a year to splurge on yourself

I know the blog is about how to stick to the budget, but Hey Treating yourself with some nice items isn’t bad after all as long as you do not go broke trying to do that.

Do not be too hard on yourself, so while you get to save more money while sticking to your budget you can also buy some extra items… Get to enjoy the money you have worked hard to earn.

This is beneficial because once you do it, the urge to get some not so necessary items would reduce (or maybe not lol).

6. Visit They have the most affordable items. 

I got my scarf and cute bag from their store. spend your money wisely..

sticking to the budget
Enjoying the weather and keeping myself warm with this beautiful scarf and bag
Staying focused while shopping
Rainy Day but nothing a scarf cant solve

Sticking to the budget

Feel free to leave your Comments and Suggestions.

Have a great week ahead

Stay Motivated….


  1. I needed this 😂😂😂😂
    I always shop above my budget cos I really love shopping but you’re right going with certain people helps sometimes

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