Few days ago I met this beautiful lady in the metro(subway), the first thing that caught my attention was her hair, she had this beautiful afro hair… I walked up to her and complemented her to cut the long story short we started talking and luckily enough for me we were both going towards the same direction so I was happy I could have a longer conversation with her.

I asked for her name, I was about to tell her mine when she said she knows me and has seen me before… you can imagine my surprise because it was the first I was meeting her.

I got to find out she was a constant reader of my blog and how she always looks forward to my blog post.. I was super excited and emotional about it (I did not cry though).

you mean people read my blog and even look forward to my posts?

How am I impacting their lives?

What difference am I making?

These were some of the questions running through my mind, and for those who know me really well, y’all know am a deep thinker.

My encounter with this Amazing lady and a few others which I have met on different occasions really woke up something inside of me. BEAUTY PEOPLE ARE WATCHING YOU.

This is not a blog post where I tell you how perfect you should be or act fake because people are watching, I would never advice anyone to do that. I understand we live in a world where one of the most used sentences is “Do you boo” but what if in an attempt of “doing you” you discourage someone or bring down someone’s self esteem?.
  • what if that smile you give to that beggar everyday on your way to work, is what keeps them going everyday?
  • what if the way you radiate so much positivity pushes someone somewhere to keep fighting?
  • what if the way you solve issues and seek out for peace is helping an individual who has anger issues?
  • what if the kind of relationship you have with your creator stirs up a Desire within a heart to also want and seek for that kind of relationship?

Dear Reader you never know whose life you are impacting on a daily basis, Never you think or feel like you have nothing to offer anyone, That is not true…. you have people admiring you Secretely and probably having some kind of hope because of you.

I know we can’t please everyone and regardless of how kind we are there would always be someone somewhere who would want to look for something negative to say, do not let that stop you. So as you think about your self and How much you want to “do you” think about others also.

To everyone who Reads my blog post, shares, leaves a comment or don’t even say a word but still reads I appreciate every single one of you, you all are a source of inspiration to me and I love every single one of you.


Have a great week ahead

Stay motivated…



  1. Lol am one of the people that reads and not say anything 😂
    thank you so much for your beautiful words. Looking forward to your next😆!

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