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Hey Guys welcome back to yet another blog.

I do not like the cold season, I know some of you literally look forward to winter but lord knows it is my least favorite season of the year, I can manage Autumn .

One of the reasons why I hate the cold season winter to be precise is because you have to put on a whole lot of things just to keep warm especially if you have to catch the bus or use the train just like me.

I love to look good regardless of the season or weather and I must say there are really cool outfits which are just perfect for the weather, they never go out of style, they keep you warm and you still get to look stylish which is what most of us want.

So what kind of materials or Outfits should we keep in mind and look out for while we go shopping this season.

  • Knitted Clothing: I believe 90% of people have something knitted in their wardrobes be it a sweater, a shawl, Hoodie, socks etc. I understand some people have really sensitive skin which is why they might want to stay away from anything wooly. With the right texture and style like the knitted Cardigan which I have on in this picture, you have nothing to worry about. On a side note, depending on the country where you live and how Cold it gets, you will definitely need an extra pair of clothing to keep you warm.
Staying warm and Casual
Just the right Sweater for the weather
  • The right pair of jeans: One of the reasons why I love mom jeans is because a vast majority of them are made with really quality material and are very stylish making them perfect for this season. You can choose to go for other kinds/style of jeans but please be sure you get something which will keep your parts warm if you know what I mean.
Staying Warm and Casual
Mom Jeans all day
  • Sneakers: I don’t know if am the only one but I really do not care what the temperature is outside, I just love me a good pair of quality sneakers. you can get sneakers which have fur inside of them to keep you warm. White Sneakers literally goes with anything, I wasn’t a huge fan of them before but today all that is history…
Staying warm
White Sneakers are here to stay
  • Head warmers and Ear Muffs: I did not put on any on this particular day because it wasn’t that cold. please get one if you do not have any, apart from the fact that they look really Cool, you would be reducing your Chances of catching a cold and possibly an ear infection.

  • Appreciate the Weather: I know this point has nothing to do with clothing but oh well…. it is called a season for a reason, just like summer had its time, it came we enjoyed it and it left the same thing applies to the Current season we are in.               you might not like it  but how about we learn to appreciate Gods beautiful gift to man (I feel like am advising to myself lol). Live in the moment!!!!
Staying warm
Living in the moment

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Have a great day ahead

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