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Since the cold isn’t going away anytime soon, I figured out sharing some of my latest winter items and my take on them will be a good idea.. This is not a lengthy blog post as I have saved the lengthy one for Wednesday.
  • Thigh high Boots: I have been wanting one of this for the longest of time, one of the reasons why I like them is because they make me feel sexy while keeping my legs warm. I never got one which I truly liked and to be honest my expectations were very high when this was ordered. I was disappointed because they did not fit on the thighs and my gastrocnemius (Calf Muscle) like I wanted it to, I am a size 10 and my guess is that they made it with the mindset that a Size 10 would have bigger calves and thighs… ummm you are wrong some of us have skinny legs with big feet. I Really like the Velvet material which was used for the shoes, it gave me extra warmth. I have Collaborated with amiclubwear for about 4 months and have always been satisfied with their items never had any complaints. Hopefully they look into this issue and do better in the shoes Department.
Thigh high boots
Winter Ready
thigh High boots and Head warmers
Hello Winter
  • Head warmer: This is really the warmest hat I have had, for those who have sensitive skin or get itchy when they have on things made from wool, I don’t see you having problems with this particular one. No complaints about this item and I don’t mind having more of this in different colors. you can Visit their site by clicking Here to make your orders.
Head warmer
Winter fave
Tested and Trusted
winter got nothing on me

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