who are your friends and what kind of friend are you?

Today’s blog was inspired by someone really special to me.

I was speaking with her during the week and this was one of the topics we got to talk about…

I felt writing about this topic would go a long way to help whoever gets to read this and also help us avoid drama with people as we journey in this beautiful life which God has gracefully given us.

Shout out to you Girl…. You occupy a special place in my heart.

Back to the Topic.

Everyone of us have at some point in our lives met people be it at the restaurant, bar, classroom, workplace etc

Even if some of this individuals we met never really had any impact in our lives or vice versa we ended up giving them that Title “my friend”

One of the most misused words in my opinion is the word Friend, the point of this blog post is

  • to help us understand the different kinds of friends,
  • the role they play,
  • when to let them go and
  • why there is no reason for you to get offended when people act in a certain manner.

Before I proceed let me make this clear that this is my opinion and what works for me might not work for you… and your opinion is very much welcome.


Just as the name implies they are the ones we get to see once in a while, probably you attend the same school, you meet them often at your favorite cafe which also happens to be their favorite or maybe not, you meet them at the bus stop… whatever the case maybe.

you might never get to see this ones again and you both might not have a major impact in each others lives, at the same time they could turn out to be your closest friends.


you or the other person might be the seasonal friend, it doesn’t matter.

we happen to meet this ones at some point in our lives or their lives when one or both parties had something to offer.

Maybe they needed some encouragement at that period and it so happened that you both crossed paths…. you encouraged, prayed, motivated and did the needful and to God be the glory they got back on their feet.

However for some reason one of them might feel it is time to move on, they have played their part or maybe they might feel like there is more and that friendship isn’t what they need at that moment and so they decide to leave.

it would take two mature minds to understand that there is no need to fuss or start up a fight and this doesn’t mean you are enemies it just means it is time to move on. 

please do not force people to stay when you can clearly read the handwriting on the wall, we have made mistakes of holding on to things which we were meant to let go of long time ago and we wonder why we are stagnant and not moving forward.

Do a self evaluation test on yourself and you would find out the source of the problem. Set them free and set yourself free.


This is a name I made up and trust me they are not as bad as they sound as a matter of fact if you have this type of friends in your life, hold on to them.

You don’t get to speak to them often, maybe once in two weeks or once in a month but whenever you guys get to speak it is like you never left.

There is just so much connection, both parties understand each other at a very deep level, no one gets upset because the other person did not call.

Now here is the best part I call them the alarm clock because they constantly remind you of your dreams, your goals, and where you are headed.

They keep encouraging you and always let you know you are on the right track.

God puts this type of people in our lives to remind us constantly about his promises because at times we get too overwhelmed that we forget.




Similar to the alarm clock , they are always present all up in your business, calling you back and forth not because they are jobless but because they are just that way. They love you, support you  and would stand by you through anything.

  • Each time you are around them, you feel drained,
  • no meaningful conversations,
  • This moment they are gone the next moment they are back.

They want things done based on their own terms you try to leave them in peace but they keep coming back.

I like to see this ones from a different point of view, instead of getting fed up I have learnt and still learning to be more patient, tolerant and more enduring..

someday they would leave on their own and never come back, but learn and grow as much as you can while they are around it would build you up for what is ahead.


All you guys do is gossip together, none of you is growing, the little sense you have, they sap it out of you..

They only remember you when things get messy or they have something unpleasant to talk about,

they encourage you to do wrong and in your defense you find yourself saying “oh they are my friends and I know they do all sort of crazy stuff but I don’t” Br uh stop deceiving yourself, you never know when they would eventually rub off on you.

Sweetheart time to set your priorities right, they might seem cool now but in 4,5,10 years,

you wouldn’t want to look back and feel so disappointed in yourself because you were with the wrong people.

NB: it is easier for us to point fingers at people, and forget that we are not so perfect..
As you begin to look around you and into your circle in a bid to point out your “bad friends”
please do not forget to check yourself also, you can be a bad friend to someone else.

Thank you for Reading feel free to leave your Comments.

Have a great day ahead

stay motivated…

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  1. Beautiful write-up about friend! I dont have lots of friend but the few I have are “the alarm clock” friends and it’s so beautiful to have friends that care about you even if you don’t speak or see always❤ Love your post😘

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