I would like  to think that a vast majority of us have heard the term Hoarding disorder, for those who haven’t it is defined as a behavioral pattern characterized by excessive acquisition of and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of a home and cause significant distress or impairment. (Thank you Wikipedia for that definition)

In essence this particular group of people hold on to about anything and they keep Collecting stuff which 95% of the time gets in the way of them having normal relationships and living a normal life. This is what a hoarders living area looks like.

Hoarders living room
Beautiful outside ugly inside

Sadly most of us are hoarders but we do not realize it, we walk about looking all perfect on the outside but if we are to sit down and analyze our hearts and our state of mind hmmm it is something worth weeping about. Our external bodies is just a container or a vessel which is carrying who we truly are talking about our spirit and soul….. Man is a spirit he has a soul and lives inside a body.

What is the state of your mind and what are you hoarding?

  • envy
  • fear
  • lies
  • hate
  • jealousy
  • anger, malice, low self esteem, abuse etc.

you see my dear reader if you do not get rid of all of this things, it wont be long before you would no longer be able to put up a show. what happens to hoarders when they no longer have space in their home to keep those stuff is that, they begin to stuff things in their surroundings, bear in mind that this does not happen overnight it happens gradually and before you know it they are living in a pile of mess. Depression sets in, they loose their homes and some of them end up committing suicide.

This is who I am, I cannot change it…

No darling that is not you, one of the best sayings I have heard  this year is  that the devil is like a fake artist he would paint a fake picture of you and convince you that is who you are and if you do not know who you are in Christ, you fall for his lies. God has not given you the spirit of fear, lies, envy, hatred and all other things which the enemy has made you believe. You have Gods love on your inside, you are powerful in Christ and your mind is sound.

I am too damaged on the inside I cannot be fixed 

For every hoarders interview which I have watched they always have one thing in common which they say, “the damage is too much, how can this be fixed? it is not possible”  I do not blame them because it is in their mind already. The major question here is are they willing to be helped? are you willing to be helped? I really love the fact that God never sees impossibilities He is too capable of helping us but He would not force us to be helped…. You might seem rotten but God doesn’t see Rottenness He sees someone who He loves and who He died for.

I am willing to be helped by God, I have received His help but I find myself still struggling with some of those desires

It is totally normal to find yourself struggling with those desires, this moment you feel you have given them all up the next moment you find yourself craving them. even when the hoarder knows the trash needs to go, you find them taking back some of the things which were thrown away… Keep yielding to the Holy Spirit, renew your mind daily by constantly studying Gods word. It wont always be easy but the journey is worth it.. I love to see it as a lifetime therapy session.

What happens when I decide to be Helped by God

you go from that first picture to this picture

clean hose
A clean inside = a happy outside

God knows you more than you know yourself, He knows what you are going through and He is asking you to yield to him, let Him get rid of those trash and make you who He Has called you to be.. HE LONGS TO MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL BOTH INSIDE AND OUT.

Have a blessed Day Ahead.

stay motivated…

photo credit: Google images


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