I love a good deal and I also love to save some coins just like everyone else, like we all know it is that time of the year with so much festivities and influx of gifts, how do we get to spend some money without going bankrupt lol? this tips would help you get really qualitative items for a way lesser price and they are tips that come really handy all year round.

TIP NO 1: Look out for sales: who doesn’t like sales? one of the best times if not the best time to get good deals is when shops are on sales, you can just check online for  those stores you like and try to see the offers they have and when the offers will begin, put the items you like in a cart and wait for the time stated… you get to save time and energy, purchase the item you really like and also at an affordable price. Currently Romwe has a preblack Friday sales going on with really great deals, Do not miss out on this one.

Pre Black Friday Offers – $10 Off Orders of $119 at with code: RMK10. Offer expires 11/19!
Pre Black Friday Offers – $20 Off Orders of $189 at with code: RMK20. Offer expires 11/19!
Pre Black Friday Offers – $15 Off Orders of $129 at with code: RSK15. Offer expires 11/19! 

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Tip No 2: Coupons: Do not ignore Coupons no matter how little they might seem, no amount is too little to save. Coupons are your best friend. you can use Coupons for almost anything be it an iPhone case, a dress, Gloves for the chilly weather, Coats etc.  for my UK readers or if you happen to know someone in the UK I got a coupon Code from Romwe which you guys can use to shop this season, it is valid till the 19th of November so hurry and make your purchase.  Coupon Code: RAK10

Tip No 3: Buy Summer Clothing’s in the fall/winter season: Almost all summer items go on sales during the cold season and the same is applicable to the winter clothing’s they are usually cheaper in summer. so if you want to save some money this is the best time to get that dress, top or shorts you have been saving up for.

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Tip NO 4: Do not go broke trying to impress people: No one cares if what you have on is designers, stop trying to live above your means, Be wise. At the end of the day those people you are trying to impress will not be there to pay for that mortgage. If the thrift store is what you can afford own it sis all you need to do is learn how to style and combine your outfits and you are good to go.

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