THE MEN MATTER TOO [International Men’s Day]

The men matter…

Yesterday the 19th of November was International Men’s day and I want to dedicate This blog to my

  • Dad my super Hero,
  • The Men in my life,
  • The boys who would one day grow into Men,

and every Man out there who is daily making a conscious decision to be a  better Man for their sisters, wives, kids, Mothers, Family Members and the society in general.

For some reason I cried while writing this blog, I just thought about my dad and all of the sacrifices he has made and is still making to see that I have nothing but the best.
I know there has been all this debate of woman power, women equality, Feminists and every other word which favors the female gender… most of which are for a good course but I cant help but think about the MAN. 
Some ladies might go off on me but you are all entitled to your opinions and it won’t stop me from speaking my truth even if my truth might seem false to you.
we have all this holidays celebrating women and one might say well women deserve to be celebrated, No doubt they do I am not disputing that,
But should the man be ignored?
if it was to be a celebration for women the whole world would know, flowers everywhere…you don’t even need to be reminded.
When it comes to men’s day we are left at the mercy of google to be reminded and this really sickens me.
The man is a human being also not some robot.. if we want to be real and true to ourselves we need to realize that men go though the same issues that women go through.
  • Men are also  raped and violated  but it is rarely talked about
  • As much as we have women who are Single mothers, we have single fathers also.
  • women go through Verbal and emotional abuse and so do the men but God forbid a man says he is been abused verbally or emotionally, no one would dare listen to him, he is automatically seen as weak.
  • From a young age the man is made to believe he is not supposed to express how he feels let alone cry why because he has the title “Man” on his shoulders…. and you wonder why men have the highest suicide rates.

I know women go through a lot of issues, but let us not forget our fathers, brothers, husbands, nephews, boyfriends…
They deserve care, love, emotional support, prayers, encouragement and every good thing which some people feel only the female gender deserves.
  • When was the last time you said I love and appreciate you to that male figure whom you know has had a positive impact in your life?
  • when last did you give them a treat or you think you are the only one who deserves a treat?
  • How often do you pray for them?
  • Do you ever check up on them genuinely to know how they are doing?
  • Are you constantly telling them what they are not doing instead of acknowledging what they have done?

If you haven’t done any of this, it is never too late to start…

To my Dad… Every one deserves a Dad like you. I love you till my Death

To my Brother… your strength amazes me. I love you.

To PK… You are my alarm Clock (I know you understand that) I Love you.

To Tayo… My best friend, you are a fighter keep fighting. I love you.

To Caleb… friend turn Brother. I love you

To Every Man in my Church family the perfecting House… you all make me happy, everyone unique in his own way, I appreciate everyone of you..


Have a Blessed Day ahead

Stay motivated…

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  1. Ok stop cutting this onion.
    You are right and truthfully I got to know from goggle event reminder and funny enough even the men themselves don’t know it’s international men’s day. I got questions like, when is it? Oh really and thank you😂😂. To the great men and men figure out there, happy international men’s day. We appreciate you all.

  2. Thanks a million Dr V … this brought a fresh air and strength.. on behalf of the guys from TPH family we say God bless you.. I love you too.

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