WHO AM I- random facts about me (part 1)

welcome back to the blog…

I thought I would do something more fun today by letting you guys know me a bit. some of the questions were sent to me on my Social media, while some were information’s I felt I should add.

what is my name and what nationality am I

My name is Beauty Vambe,  I am proudly Nigerian.

Date of birth?

26th September 1993

introvert or extrovert?

I can be both depending on the situation, my mood, and who I am with.

my first thought when I meet people?

98% of the time (am working on the other 2%) I try not to judge people regardless of what I might have heard about them or the kind of vibe they have sent across to me. I really like to get to know people for myself and in my opinion I like to think that anyone is totally approachable if we can keep an open mind.

What makes you special?

A lot of things make me special but I will highlight a few

  • my ability to forgive people easily and move on.
  • My homely nature… I can meet someone for the first time and talk to them like we have been friends for decades.
  • I am never attached to material things, I can give away anything.

what is your height and weight?

I am 6ft 1inch tall and at the time I was writing this my weight was 65kg.

what motivates you?

  • Gods love for me motivates me to love myself and other people.
  • Knowing that there is something God has placed inside of me which no one has and which I can use to bless a life/lives especially in my medical field keeps me motivated on a daily basis.

what makes you happy?

Honestly I cant find an answer to this question because my happiness is not tied to things or circumstances. I wake up everyday with a mindset that I have to keep going and encourage myself regardless of the situation I am faced with. I am happy to be alive today and that I get another chance to live out my dreams and encourage someone.

what makes you sad?

Seeing people conform to a particular way of life and not live out the life God has called them to live.

what are the things you would want to work on?

  • I need to learn to be more open to change, there is no harm in trying.
  • I can be too nice even when I can clearly see that I am being taken advantage of. so I need to learn to know when to draw a line.

one weird thing about you.

I don’t know if this counts as weird but I can be detailed to a fault, if you are to call me and ask me where I am, I am that girl that would want to give you the exact spot, location, the exact time it will take for me to get to where am going to.

where are we never going to find you?

The club…

what has kept you going?

God and family.

Family or career driven?

Both. I have a lot to offer.

Apart from your medical profession what else do you have love for

I love fashion, I love modelling…

I hope you enjoyed todays blog.. please feel free to leave your questions in the comment section and I would attend to them in another blog.

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  1. It’s nice to get to know you with all the details about your personality and all from your own perspective.
    You must bold.

  2. Enjoyed reading this. I myself tend to be too nice and trust people easily and most of the times it is a mistake 🙈but God made me this way . I love what you said about happiness. It comes from inside us ❤️have a lovely day my dear 😘

    1. yeah you are right God made us this way and there is a reason for that. Thank you so much for reading and commenting as always I appreciate it. Have a lovely day too. xoxo

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