Going through a difficult time? you are not alone ok stay encouraged

Todays post was written as a reminder for me just like most of the posts I publish on my blog. God speaks to us through different means and personally for me, every post is a teaching and learning moment. I do not just write for others to read, I write for myself also.

Its been a very hectic and challenging week for me emotionally and health wise, I still do not feel fine but I know I will be fine and this is just a phase so I thought I should encourage someone.

Most times when we go through stuff we feel like we are alone, it is like the world is all on your shoulders, nothing feels good, nobody will understand… you are faced with questions such as,

  • How would people see me or think about me when they find out?
  • would I ever get to see this dream of mine achieved? heck where will the money come from?
  • How did I get here and how do I start my life over again?
  • Should I just settle for what others are settling for?
  • For how long will this illness linger?
  • my marriage/family/kids are falling apart.
  • how will these debts be paid off?
  • Is God alive and if he is can he hear me?

The list continues…

So many How’s and Why me…..

I know how you feel because I have asked myself about 70% of this questions and YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I know your case might seem like the worst you have ever heard of but let me tell you something, there are people out there with worst cases…..

God is with you, 98% of the time it doesn’t feel like it but He is always with us, allow Him to shoulder your burdens… Breathe…. we will be fine, all will be well.  

If you are reading this it means you are alive and it is another day to be thankful for the life you have regardless of how terrible things are, take things slowly, no more pity parties, stop being too hard on yourself, smile more today, you made a mistake and you will probably make more mistakes so move on and try to do better today….

You are not alone
God is with you

If at the end of the day you still feel like no progress was made, well… tomorrow is another day to start over what you will not do is quit.



Have a blessed day ahead

Stay motivated….

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