what does embracing Gods love mean to you? let us explore together

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Everyone longs to love and to be loved, People go searching for love in all kinds of places, we have heard and read so many stories about love and there is no end to that.

I have come to understand that it is one thing to be loved and it is another thing to be open to the love that is been given, No relationship thrives well on love that is one sided, it wont be long before one or both parties gets tired and frustrated.

embracing love

What makes Gods love really special is the fact that it is not dependent on things, it can never be exhausted because God Himself is love. Gods love is one that words cannot do justice to. God can give all of the love He has, As a matter of fact He has given us the greatest love and gift of all which is His son Jesus Christ But the truth is All of this love will have no impact in us if we are not willing to acknowledge and embrace It.

What does it mean to Embrace Gods love?

it can mean different things to different people, this is what embracing Gods love means to me.

It means being open, no playing Games, no hiding,

It means acknowledging that I can not be self sufficient, He is my sufficiency.

It means God I really messed up today but I have chosen not to remain in my mess or hide as if you cannot see me or like you do not know I messed up…. I have chosen to run back to you.

It is  realizing my weakness and consciously talking to Him about it.

Embracing Gods love means obedience, It means letting go of what my flesh wants and trusting that God would never lead me astray.

It is saying God take charge of my life, you know what is best for me so if you do not want me to be where I am currently or be with who I am with currently, it might be difficult but I will obey.

It means God I want to know you more today than I did yesterday, I want to genuinely care for other people and be happy to see them progress.

It means my need to love myself and see myself in the same way that God sees me.

Finally it means realizing that Jesus did not just die for me, he died for everyone and so every soul matters…. I choose to see everyone through Gods eyes.

what happens when we embrace Gods Love

  • It brings us into a deeper and closer relationship with God
  • We worry less about what people think about us and begin to seek validation from God alone.
  • You begin to feel whole not just spiritually but emotionally, physically and mentally
  • No room for negative energy.
  • you begin to look forward to everyday.

How do I embrace Gods Love?

N:B Embracing Gods love is not a one time thing, it requires a daily and conscious decision.

  1. Accept him into your life: you can not receive love from someone you do not know. There is only one way to be saved and that is through Jesus Christ. I talked more on this in my previous blogs so you can click Here and Here to read.
  2. Be Open: the Love God has for us is immeasurable, and he beckons us to come as we are meaning no hiding, no protocols, no religiosity. He knows you more than you know yourself so what are you trying to hide?
  3. Trust and obey: Since you have decided to be open, trust Gods leading His foolishness is wiser than our so called wisdom. I still have some trust issues and I constantly ask Him to teach me to trust Him.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog, if you did please leave your comments and let me know what embracing Gods love means to you.

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