WHO AM I ? (Part 2)

Todays blog is a continuation of the Q&A session which I posted last week. you can click HERE to read the part one if you have not read it.

What is your favorite Bible verse? 

I have a lot of them but one which really stands out for me is

Jude chapter 1 verse 24—- Now unto Him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of His glory with Exceeding Joy.

This Scripture constantly reminds me that my salvation is not based on my works, it is a free gift from God and I do not have to work hard to keep this salvation because Jesus has done it all.

What is your favorite color? 

Any Color that makes my melanin Pop. (I hate Neon green by the way) .

Favorite Bible Character

This is a hard one because they are all unique but I will have to go for UNCLE DAVID. yes he is my uncle lol… he speaks to my soul, you can just feel how vulnerable and sincere he always was before his maker.

Something you would like to do that would inspire others.

I think I am already doing that by blogging and publicly sharing my faith and believe in Jesus with the world. I strongly hope and pray that when someone gets to read my blog they are inspired to come out of their shells and be who God has called them to be.

what are your future dreams?

To be a neurosurgeon with a difference.

To have a clothing line and a shoe line for ladies with big feet like mine.

What makes you really  happy in  the midst of tough times?

knowing that I will come out better and stronger.

How do you stop yourself from  getting discouraged?

Honestly I do not know. I guess God always has his way of comforting me even before the discouragement comes. it is like knowing something ahead of time and preparing yourself.

Favorite gospel song of all time.

I have too many favorites but currently this two songs are on repeat

  • I will exalt you by Darrel walls.
  • pieces— Darrel walls ft Dayanna Redic.

Favorite Hip Hop song.

I don’t have any but there are two Nigerian artists whom I love

simi and Adekunle Gold. They both sing songs that have depth and meaning.

If you were to spend time with a friend what would you prefer to do with her?

we will both cook, see movies, laugh a lot, cry maybe, go to a second hand shop lol, pray and encourage each other. (this individual knows she is the one I am referring to).

Have you ever had any embarrassing or horrible moment in Church and if so what was it?

This is one topic I do not like to visit because it is in the past and I have consciously forgiven the individuals. It wasn’t an embarrassing moment but it was horrible. concerning this Topic I have an advice for all church folks including myself  please stop taking people for granted and playing on their intelligence, stop being fakeeee pleaseeeeeeee, you are not God so stop expecting people to crawl and lick your feet!!! GOD DOES NOT LIKE DIRTY. 

what is the most ridiculous thing you have heard?

Drink Schweppes after sex to prevent pregnancy. Hmmmm ladies and gentlemen please if you cannot practice abstinence use a condom, STD’s are real.

what kind of kid were you growing up?

I was that kid that would do the exact opposite of what they are asked not to do. I was really inquisitive and each time something got spoilt or broken they knew who to ask. My dad used to say I got that stubbornness from him lol.

Describe yourself in one word


if you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?


Are you close to anyone now that you initially disliked?

No I enjoy getting to know people.

Any relationship advice?

Date with purpose, do not go into a relationship just because you feel like it. Ask yourself real questions…

  • what do I want?
  • why am I going into a relationship?
  • Do I love myself enough to stay single?
  • Am I emotionally, mentally and psychologically ready?
  • Am I looking for someone to make me happy?

Be honest with yourself and save yourself from unnecessary heartache.

what is the first thing people say when they meet you?

wow you are tall.

how old were you when you had your first kiss

I was 16.

one book you would read over and over

Gifted hands by Ben Carson.

Thank you for Reading.

Have a blessed day ahead

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  1. I feel like I know you more personally now 😂😂😂 thank you for sharing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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