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I have had so many people ask me where i get my clothing or shoes from, and they never fail to ask me how much the item cost or how expensive it was. i like to point out that it is not about where i get my clothing it is the things i put into consideration before getting them. Shopping 101 is basically a shopping guide i have put together to help people make the right choices and avoid some really unnecessary mistakes when they go shopping.

Shopping 101 isn’t just for shoes or clothing it is a general shopping guide. whether you are at the supermarket to get some groceries or the home appliance shop this is for you.

1} Q U A L I T Y : 

90% of the time before i think of price i think of the quality of the item, this is not to say i do not make a budget or have a budget before going to shop i do, and you can click to read my post on How to stick to your budget while shopping .

Whether i am in a second Hand shop or Zara i like to think of quality first due to one major reason which is I LOVE TO HAVE A GOOD USE OF THE ITEM I AM BUYING… AS A MATTER OF FACT THE SHOE OR DRESS WOULD HAVE TO BEG ME TO STOP PUTTING IT ON. 

Why would you want to get an item you put on just once and before you know it, it is already faded, has loose ends or splits into two when you put it on because the material is wack? think about it….

It is better to have one qualitative dress, shoe, top or jeans which you can have a good use of and look classy regardless of the number of times you wear it, than to have an uncountable number of things with no value.

2] C O M F O R T: 

Have you ever gone to a shop, you see an item that you really like, the quality is on point you try it on and it doesn’t fit properly or it is a bit itchy (for those with sensitive skin) … But because it is on sales you Buy it anyway.

Few months later the Item is sitting in your wardrobe you cant put it on because it just doesn’t fit and you are not willing to give it away. That is a waste of money that would have been used on something more beneficial!!!.

  • make sure you do the squat test, lunge test, jump test, breathing test and every other test there is and that you know before getting an item.
  • If it feels itchy stay away from it, do not think washing it will take the itchiness away…. we do not want to play those games do we?
3]C O L O U R:

 When you are investing in an item which you know you are going to have on every single day, make sure you opt for a neutral color… you do not want to buy a neon green jeans and put it on everyday, or buy a neon green couch for the main living room…very few colors go with Neon.

Go for colors that complement your skin tone,  if you have more melanin like myself put on colors that make your skin pop. from experience people are more drawn to the color of an outfit than the outfit itself. I especially love this sweater, the color is bomb and it meets every criteria of shopping 101. Click to purchase

shopping guide
Turtle neck green sweater

Choose wisely….

4] P R I C E: 

while some people do not care about price tags a lot of us do… Do what you can do to save as much money as you can but do not be foolish in the process.

Ever heard about the saying penny wise pound foolish… I have been to a second hand shop where i found a very new high end Skirt for a cheap price…. will that stop me from going to a high end shop once in a while if i have the money? the answer is NO.

I will say knowing the right shops to go to and going at the right time for example when they are on sales will help you save some coins and help you get the right quality.

Spend wisely…

5]T R E N D: Please forget about the Instagram trend, a whole bunch of this people only take pictures with those outfits and that is the end. Put your money into Good use. The money for those cycling shorts and crop top can get you a nice Blazer which will never go out of style….

Invest in quality jeans, blazers, work wears…. Classy would always supersede tacky.

You can click here to shop this Double breasted Tunic Blazer

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog, if you did please leave a comment, like and feel free to share tips of your own shopping guide tips.

Have an amazing week ahead

Stay motivated….


  1. You are 100% on point dear! I don’t like following trends. It’s better to buy a quality cloth or accessory that are of good quality and that you will enjoy using. Most times I wait for the sales period to buy my clothes 😅 and shoes. I love good bargains too 😉

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