TALKING: The art of talking…

Talking is an art to me because it is one of the ways by which people get to express themselves, give information and communicate through spoken word. over the years people have come up with different ways to convey their message either through writing, sign language, art work, drama etc.

Todays blog would be focused on the type of talkers and a bit of advice from me.

1} THOSE WHO TALK MORE AND DO LESS: Very creative in their thinking, they are  big dreamers but do not have enough motivation to put those dreams into action or make them become a reality, they love to impress people. In their world talking about a bunch of things makes them feel respected by people, gets them so much praise and attention. Unfortunately they lose motivation after getting the praise they want/need.

MY ADVICE TO THIS GROUP: You can do more without talking so much, Do not be carried away by the praises of people, let go of the what will people think mentality and focus on becoming the best version of you. write down your goals and revisit them as much as you can and have someone who you can be accountable to.

2] THOSE WHO TALK LESS AND DO LESS: A box of ideas and dreams waiting to be recognized and tapped into… sadly they like to sit behind and let everyone else do the job, they would rather keep whatever idea they have to themselves and not necessarily act on it when given the opportunity to. They never see themselves as good enough and like to say my opinion doesn’t count, Hold on!!! your opinion might not be the “best” but you have the right to voice out what you feel and just so you know, your opinion counts. so much ideas within this set of people but they are too scared to give it a try…

MY ADVICE: you need to recognize that you have something really big on your inside, you might not see it and it might not feel like it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Set yourself free… write down your thoughts and read it out to yourself until it begins to sink in and make sense… TIME TO FLY.

3]THOSE WHO TALK LESS AND DO MORE: They love action, love to get things done, they would rather act on something and see it crumble than sit and not do anything…. Their work speaks for them. If not properly managed this supposed “perfect group” can end up being a pain to others due to their domineering nature, I have encountered people who would rather nothing works for anyone at all than for it to work in favor of others and not for them.

MY ADVICE: your attitude towards life is amazing and the sky is just the beginning for you However Bear in mind that moderation is key do not allow your drive for success turn you into a monster.

4]THOSE WHO TALK MORE AND DO MORE: They are relentless, can be talkative but you can rely on them to get the work done. They like to prove a point for some reason which I don’t know. Once they say something they never want to go back on their words regardless of what the outcome will be. They like a challenge in fact they see life as a challenge. Quite an interesting group of people to be around.

MY ADVICE: Be careful with the people you surround yourself with, some will put you in a position where you will end up doing something stupid because you are under pressure. It is Ok to say something and change your mind about it especially when you know the end result will only lead to ciaos it doesn’t make you a coward.

None of these group is perfect or bad it is important we learn to know when to speak, when to do nothing, when to take action and when to go at a slow pace. BALANCE IS NEEDED!!!

Balance is needful in our everyday life

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stay motivated!!!





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