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A BLOGGERS STORY: The things you don’t get to see!!!

you get to see the amazing pictures, the poses, the beautiful locations but you never get to hear about the work that went into taking that perfect shot… I love to take pictures and I enjoy what I do if not I wouldn’t be doing it in the first place but it is not as easy as it seems… I know a lot of people do not take most of this fashion bloggers/beauty gurus seriously but let us not forget that some of them have worked their asses off to be where they are today and I commend them for that… let me share some truths with you guys.

LOCATION: unlike any random picture which you might want to take anywhere, it doesn’t always work that way with blog photos especially those that are sponsored or the collaboration photos… for every picture I take I have to ask myself if the location is aesthetically pleasing, will the brand I am working for love it, would my pictures come out right if I use this particular location, if I need to change quickly into another outfit can I do it here? I have mastered the art of changing into outfits on the street without exposing myself …. This is a job and you want to keep this brands coming and let us not forget a beautiful Instagram feed attracts more people. I love brown backgrounds because I love the way it blends with my skin tone and almost every outfit I have on.

A bloggers story
perfect Background

WEATHER: Almost all brands give you a stipulated time when they expect the clothing you are publicizing to be up on the blog… at times the weather can be very crappy it might start to rain or in summer when it gets really hot you find yourself sweating, so most times you have to be up early… Winter is the worst of them all it gets dark early, it is freezing cold outside, not every one of us has the money for an indoor photoshoot and to make matters worst the nice locations are most times covered in snow but you still have to take those pictures. for this particular photo I wanted to put on heels I was just sick and tired of having my winter shoes on, it was really cold and the place where I was standing was icy and slippery but I succeeded in taking great pictures thanks to this beautiful cardigan which kept me warm, the color by the way is to die for.

A bloggers Story
Cold but Warm

THE STARES: I thought I would be used to the stares I get from passers by but each time I take a photo it feels like the first time, especially in this part of the world where people are professional starrers lol. who wouldn’t think you are crazy when you are without a winter coat all in the name of pictures in a place where the temperature is way below freezing point… I personally think that is insane but it is part of the job.
A boggers story
Behind the Scenes

INTEGRITY: We have seen a lot of people promote items that they would never put on in real life or even think about buying and it is becoming harder everyday to know those that are being real and those who are not. I decided before I started this blog that I will never promote something I will not buy with my money. If the item is rubbish people need to know so that the manufacturers will learn to put more thought into manufacturing their items… Now concerning this sweater I have on, it was everything I envisioned, the color even looked better in real life and it is very thick. However I expected the arms to be long I wasn’t expecting it to stop at my elbows. I am tall though  (6ft 1) so this wouldn’t be a problem for those who are average height. This is a size medium to large and it fits perfectly. it turned out that the arms wasn’t of any concern to me any longer because this sweater kept me really warm and cute. you can click HERE to purchase.

A bloggers story
Put your foot down

Money: For the upcoming fashion bloggers like myself making money is tough!!!! I haven’t earned a cent since I started this blog but I hope that changes. it is not just enough to take pictures, editing is also another aspect. Before I bought my camera and learnt how to edit I had to hire a photographer to take my pictures and do the editing and it was expensive. Getting a camera was a sacrifice I had to make and I also purchased an editing app which I currently use and all of this money came from my pocket. {by the way I use Lightroom and VSCO}. I hear people say you get free stuff, my dear free stuff cant be compared to money and those stuff aren’t free because like I just stated I work for them, there will be no “free stuff” if I don’t have a blog and bear in mind that my blog is a paid blog meaning I pay for my blog…

A bloggers story
is that money I see in my pocket

TAKING A PICTURE AND NOT UPLOADING IT: This is one of the most annoying ones, I know some people will say you have to thoroughly check out the photos and be sure you like them before calling it a day, your point is very much true and I do that but stuff happens at times. I get home and all of a sudden this amazing pictures I saw and was happy about no longer looks beautiful and I hate the background so I have to take new pictures all over again… if I as a blogger doesn’t like the pictures I have taken what makes me think the brand will like it?

A bloggers Story
My face when I know I messed up

For now I will stop here and I will write a separate blog on working with brands.

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  1. Wow.I learnt a lot too.this is d second time am seeing u on yellow and its cool on u hope to try it soon.

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