You are dumb, you are stupid, you are an idiot, foolish child…were the insults a mother showered on her son each time he got her angry or did not act in a certain way she expected him to act… Little did she know her so called way of discipline was shaping her son in a way that she would come to regret later on in life. Perhaps she did not mean those words and they came out of frustration but that did not matter because she already planted a seed and she kept on watering it as time passed by…

I witnessed this sweet boy grow up and his way of life wasn’t any different from the words his mum used on him while he was a little boy.. he had so much love in him but resentment had a better part of him, he was always withdrawn from people, when ever he was asked a question he would answer like a little boy even if he was already an adult… no one ever took him seriously. He was way older than his sister but she had to constantly defend him.

He never got better, his childhood wasn’t what he had hoped for and since there was no one to speak the right words to him, he believed the negative words he kept on hearing almost on a daily basis… At this point the mum would always wish he was like other kids his age, this was her first son, her pride, what happened to him? she would sometimes say where did she go wrong? she had forgotten the seed she planted from the beginning…. now she is left with a broken child in a grown mans body.

words are seeds

Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 2 and 3 says

1] In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth

2] And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep. and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

3] And God said let there be light and there was light.

If you are a Christian I am sure you are familiar with this verse and for my non Christian readers this is a chapter of the bible that talks about how God created the earth. The first ever recorded words of God was let there be light, God saw light in darkness He knew beauty could come out of chaos and he spoke that into existence. If God had said screw this or nothing Good can come out of this then there would be no you and I today.

From experience I know it is easier to speak good words over ourselves and others whenever things are going good, but let us be pushed to the edge and then we begin to see our true colors coming out… I want to encourage you reading this to cultivate the habit of speaking life over yourself, the things surrounding you and the people surrounding you. Do not plant a seed today whose fruit you would detest tomorrow. I do not like jokes that have insults attached to them, they might seem like nothing but subconsciously those words affect us.

If Things are constantly going wrong, check yourself your words or the words spoken to you might be having an impact on you…

Constantly renew your mind by meditating on Gods word, let speaking Gods word become a lifestyle for you… it takes practice and you would have tough days but nothing too big that Gods Grace isn’t sufficient enough for.

What were your first words this morning? how is your day going so far? have you spoken Gods word into existence? Have you been pushed to the edge and if yes how are you dealing with it?

Leave your comments I will be so Happy to hear from you

Have a great day ahead

Speak life and stay motivated….

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  1. Girl, this one is so deep yet so life changing that I can’t really get over it in a hurry. Have never seen that scripture come to this much life, thanks for sharing ❤️ I choose to speak life even when things aren’t going as expected.

  2. This is inspirational. Speak positive.the words we speak are powerful jst like u said plant the right seed to reap the best fruit.

  3. Oh my days! Isn’t it amazing that lately I’ve been coming across different pieces talking about the power of words?
    You are so spot on with this! Our words carry creative power and I am starting to learn how to harness this for good. Thank you for sharing this! And your consistency with your blog is so amazing. Well done!

    1. Hey babe thank you so much for your words of encouragement…. God has his way of speaking his word to us and I am happy you were encouraged by this. God bless you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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