Hear, Listen and Obey…

Today I thought I should share with my readers the scripture I have been praying and Meditating more on this past weeks, and where I am at currently in my journey with my lord and savior Jesus Christ.
I love to involve God in my decision making process regardless of how silly such decisions might sound.
However, this is not to say I always listen to God whenever He speaks, NO I DO NOT AND I AM NOT PROUD OF THAT!!!
God is constantly working on me and I am getting better.

Three things have been key for me this past weeks … Hear, Listen and Obey. 

So many times in my journey I have been deficient in at least one of this three things, This moment Gods voice is as clear as my mum yelling my name, I listen to hear what He has to say and all of a sudden I am doing something else I am not obeying, my flesh and my will has taken over.

In another Instance I am willing to obey, all I want to do is Listen but I cannot hear, possibly due to distractions.

Or how about this part, God is Speaking I can hear Him but I can also hear something else..

God has been teaching me and letting me know that each one of this three is important and non is independent of the other. let us see what the scripture has to say

John 10 verse 27 [Amplified version]

The sheep that are my own hear my voice and listen to me; I know them, and they follow me.

Jesus is described as the good shepherd and we are his sheep….

It is important you know what you are hearing, who you are listening to and whose Voice is number one in your life…
  • The voice you are hearing, is it in alignment with Gods word?
  • Is it bringing comfort and peace and does it agree with the scripture?
  • whenever you Hear this voice are you reassured of God’s love, faithfulness and promises?
  • Does this voice make you want to honor and obey God or it pushes you into satisfying your own desires?

God is not the author of Confusion, whatever does not agree or align with his word is not from Him.

How do I make hearing, listening and obeying Gods Voice become like second nature to me?

By meditating on the scripture and repeating it everyday as much as I can until every other voice is shut and the only voice I can hear is Gods voice.

It has helped me tremendously in My decision making so much so that I am aware of

  1. what I am thinking and
  2. the route that I am taking just to be sure it is in line with Gods word and what he is asking me to do at that point in time.

This is not something done out of religiosity or out of fear it is from a place of

  • love, relationship, honor and reverence.

It is my prayer that we get to a place where Gods will becomes our number one priority.

What scripture/s are you currently meditating on? and how has it impacted you?

Feel free to leave your comments I would love to hear from you.

Have a great day ahead

Speak life, stay motivated…

Hear listen and obey
Hear, Listen Follow

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  1. Spirit-filled post as always! I hear from God everytime I’m reading my bible and meditating. It’s one of the ways God communicate with me🙏🏾❤

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