How often do you spend time with yourself?

I got lost few days ago trying to locate a place.

It was raining and cold but thank God for the nearest MacDonald’s, I went in to keep myself warm and to figure out my next move.

This was the first time I was out by myself at that time of the night,

I spend a lot of time in the comfort of my room and on my bed, I go for walks at times when I feel a bit suffocated by the indoor air but I have never had to dress up and just take myself out to a nice restaurant, an eatery or maybe go see a movie.

I know a lot of people find that to be very boring or even weird, I mean why would you want to go see a movie alone just stay at home instead, or why would you want to be in a restaurant alone while every other person is either paired up or waiting for someone?

Most of us have forgotten or do not even know what it means to enjoy our own company.

we have become too used to the noise, it feels weird, lonely and boring when no one is around, it is as though you need someone to make you feel good about yourself. Sadly it is not meant to be so.

Sitting down all alone in MacDonald’s made me realize this is something I need to do more often.
getting lost wasn’t  bad after all because at least I got to explore somewhere new in a very uncomfortable weather condition and I get to tell my readers about it.

You do not have to wait for an individual/individuals to make you happy.

working hard is good but let me tell you something once you break down or something happens to you, you will be immediately replaced and life goes on.

learn to create happy memories for yourself, things you can look back at and say you accomplished by yourself, Travel and explore if you have the time and the finances for it,

Treat your self with a good spa day, if staying indoor is what you want then do it and make it memorable.
Why is it important to enjoy your own Company?
  • You get to find out more about yourself.
  • The privilege of tapping into the creative aspect of yourself which you never knew you had.
  • Clarity comes without the influence of other peoples opinion.
  • Great time to reflect more and become even more grateful for the little things.
  • we get to hear God more when we are silent and focused on Him.
  • You feel more energized to carry on with the rest of your plans.
How often do you spend time with yourself
embrace yourself, love yourself, pamper yourself

What steps can I take to enjoy my Company

  • Set aside a day, an hour, or 30 mins for yourself, this day should be called your ME TIME.
  • Do something you wouldn’t do on a normal day, you can read a book, take yourself out, go for a walk, meditate, etc
  • To avoid distractions do everything work related before me time.
  • It would be fun to write down what you enjoyed about your me Time and what you hope to do in your next me time.
I know some of you are parents and me time seems like an impossible idea but please do all you can to give yourself a little break, I am certain your kids would be happier if mummy and Daddy are mentally and emotionally strong…
You cannot give what you do not have. In my Opinion a happy parent will raise a happy Kid.

Do you enjoy your Company? How do you plan on spending your me time?

Have a great day ahead

Speak life, Stay motivated.

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  1. I do that a lot I spend quality time alone since I discovered this what am yet to do is travel round but sooñest God helping me

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