Failure doesn’t mean the end…

 I watched some kids play on the ice yesterday it was so refreshing to see how excited they were, They  got up and continued playing regardless of the number of falls.
Nothing was going to stop them from enjoying that moment not even a fall.

As I watched them play it was as though I was undergoing some form of therapy.

I began to think about myself and the number of people who for some reason have decided to remain in a particular spot for years because they are scared of failing or falling..

One of our biggest fears as human beings is the fear of failure, no body wants to fail, heck I hate failure and I would try my best to see that I succeed but what if what we see as failure isn’t failure,

what if it is an opportunity for you to become better and more successful?

I believe failure is a state of mind, that something did not go as planned or as I expected it to turn out doesn’t mean I failed it just means there is room for improvement.

What will people say? How will they see me? what do I tell them? …

we have become too caught up and concerned about “people” that we end up forgetting about ourselves and the task ahead of us, trust me those who really care about you would be by your side to encourage you all the way.

what is stopping you from spreading your wings? what are you afraid of?

From my experience I have come to realize that people move on very fast, this moment they are all over you and you might even be the subject of discussion but few months from now, no one would remember you and life goes on so why don’t you focus on yourself?

start writing that book, pursue that degree and even if you are not accepted try again,

start the blog, the YouTube channel, the podcast, the research, be the best mom/dad ever…..


It is ok to fail
Failure doesn’t mean the end

focus on getting started Instead of focusing on how bad the outcome will be,

It is OK to fall on the ice, you get up and keep pushing

Have a great day ahead

Speak life, stay motivated…

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  1. Well said! That’s so true- sometimes I’ll feel embarrassed for a while and then realise that no one is probably thinking about it. This is a great post to start my morning with 💕🌷

    1. I live in Ukraine. It is a cold place, and very unpredictable weather wise. It once snowed in summer. Thank you for asking I feel like we are bonding lol.

  2. What an inspiring post darling. Failing is something I hate so much….but I’ve come to realise that the more I try the more I get better at it. What a great post. If you are ever thinking of writing a book, I will be buying it 😊😊❣

    1. Awww such sweet words from you.. I have never thought about writing a book but if God leads me towards that direction at least I have my first reader in advance YOU 😀😀❤️❤️.

  3. I think God wanted me to read this today.I needed to read this many things I can’t explain but thank u for spirit is lifted.let me go and do exploits

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