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I love a sweater dress, As a matter of fact any outfit I can put on that would serve two purposes which are

  1. a top and
  2. a bottom

you best believe I am grabbing that outfit without looking back which is why jumpsuits, dresses, and dress tops are my thing.

When I saw this sweater dress on pink basis Site, I immediately fell in love with it. It had

  1. The perfect length.
  2. The color was amazing and would look nice on all skin tones in my opinion.
  3. I did not have to do too much to look good.
  4. spring is here and I can rock this with panty hoes without freezing.
  5. it screamed sexy and stylish.
sweater dress
That neckline

I could not wait to try this sweater dress on, but I had two major concerns

  1. The model did not look like me, she is curvy and I am not. what would it look like on a tall slim lady?
  2. I wasn’t sure the material would look as good as it did in the picture.


Sweater dress
love yourself, you are one in a million

The Sweater dress finally arrived and I was shocked
  • The material was thicker than I expected it to be.
  • The waist belt gave me the illusion of a curvier figure.
  • The neckline was a little bit loose but it wasn’t an issue.
  • length was good but if you have a bigger butt be sure to put on something underneath.
  • The color isn’t as bright as it was on the website but it was specified.
  • I chose a size M but even if I had downsized it would still fit due to the stretchiness.
Sweater Dress
when you are happy with the outcome

Now to the washing machine test..

This dress is still standing strong, it has not lost its form.

Whether you are a curvy lady, a slim lady like me or even slimmer, If you are into sweater dresses, give this a try.


  1. Dress + panty hoes + ankle boots for a stylish and cute look.
  2. white sneakers + Dress + handbag to give a  mixture of chick and athletic look.
  3. Dress + Heels for a more sexy look.
  4. leather jacket + Dress + boots
Sweater dress
stepping with confidence

you do not need too much accessories, the lesser the better.


To purchase click HERE

Thank you for Reading.

Have an amazing month and weekend.

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