What does it mean to be spiritually sensitive? This means

  • The ability to perceive and respond to the Leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Being in constant awareness of the presence of God.
  • you do not make a decision, without involving the person of the Holy Spirit.

Are you Spiritually sensitive?

When you are spiritually alert, nothing takes you by surprise, you do not live your life by chance.

God always wants us to be in sync with Him, to know the plots of the enemy and that can only be possible when we engage our spirit man.



You cannot say you are a child of God and you cant spend even 10 minutes studying your Bible. Can you imagine an army without a weapon? they wouldn’t even be called an army to begin with.

  • The Bible is Gods written manual for us Christians
  • It is your weapon. Ephesians chapter 6:17
  • When you constantly study Gods word your mind becomes renewed and no amount of lies from the devil can have an impact on you.
  • Studying Gods word puts us in a position where we cannot be easily deceived by false teachers. Ephesians Chapter 4:14

God speaks through His word and it is a blessing to have His word at our Disposal… USE IT!!!!


Luke chapter 6 verse 12 

I had to write that three times just to emphasize the importance of prayer.

You cannot get to know someone in depth if you do not spend time with them and communicate with them. Relationship 101 says communication is key, the same is applicable in our relationship with the father. Each time we pray we build a bond with God, He speaks His heart to us and tells us what to do.

Jesus is the perfect example of a praying man. During Jesus’s  life on earth He would most times leave the crowd and look for a quiet place to pray, He knew the importance of seeking the fathers heart.

When you pray it is very important that you pray from Gods word, That way you are praying in accordance to His will. Matthew 26:42
  • In the place of prayer you open the door for God to speak and He reveals His heart to you.
  • Prayer shuts down the doors of the enemy and opens up the gates of Heaven. Luke 3:21
  • When you Pray Gods word in Faith you are saying You agree to His word Concerning that Situation.
  • You scare the enemy and his agents when you pray.
  • prayer brings about revelation knowledge.
  • peace comes in the place of prayer.
Spiritually sensitive
1st Peter 5:8

Fasting Helps us shift our focus from the things that do not matter to the one who matters.Take a moment to point out that thing or those things that shifts your focus and time away from God. Now fast on it!!! you will be amazed to see how big a difference it will make.


proverbs chapter 3 verse 5 and 6

When we acknowledge God and involve Him in all of our decision making process, He does the job of leading us towards the right direction. As this becomes a lifestyle we are quick to know in our spirit what God would want us to do at a particular time concerning a matter.

Acknowledging God means you trust His leading it also means you reverence Him and you live for Him.


proverbs Chapter 27 verse 17

Spend time with the right people, when I say the right people I mean believers, people who have a standing relationship with the lord.You cannot expect to be in a group of people who don’t boost your faith or who only talk about worldly things and expect yourself to grow. watch your company because subconsciously you will become influenced without even realizing it.

  • have a friend or group of friends who you can be accountable to.
  • If your friends don’t check you when they notice something going on with you either spiritually or otherwise, it is time to question that friendship.
  • a prayer partner is an asset to have let the Holy spirit lead you into meeting the right people.

Thank you for Reading and please feel free to share your thoughts.

Have a great day ahead.

Stay Spiritually sensitive.


  1. Grays I hope u are here to read this.we talked abt this yesterday.this were some of which u told me and today am reading this.I need to be sensitive.Am enjoying everything abt this blog I have been preety busy but I am really troubled so today something jst led me to take few hours on ur blog and I don’t regret it one bit.u are going places darln.u know God is not an author of confusion

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