if you are reading this, you are probably seeking for ways to spice up your prayer life or maybe you are just curious to know what tips I have to share.

why do people get bored when it comes to prayers you might ask

  1. They feel God might not be able to relate with their situation.
  2. Having to choose the right words while praying or not knowing what to say.
  3. feeling too dirty to approach God.
  4. unanswered prayers.
  5. seeing prayer as a chore.

over the years I have learnt to enjoy my prayer time by in cooperating these easy tips.


when it comes to approaching God, there are no protocols, you don’t have to look a certain kind of way or try to choose the right words. Tell Him exactly how you feel, where you have been, what you feel like doing and what you have done.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating from the tree he asked them not to, they had a choice of running back to Him and telling him about their mistake but they chose to hide instead.

The account of the first man and woman points us towards how we as humans tend to live our lives, we want to act perfect in Gods sight meanwhile we forget he knows us better than we know ourselves.

when you allow yourself to be vulnerable with God, prayer becomes more enjoyable every restriction you might encounter is all of a sudden swept away and you find yourself talking to God more.


I enjoy talking to God at all times, but my morning and nightly prayers takes more time. I like to see this time as my Date with God and it gets me really excited. Having this Date mindset relieves me of whatever stress or boredom that might want to arise.

I picture Him right in front of me and we talk, I speak to Him and also wait to Hear what He has to say. At times it feels like He isn’t listening because I can’t hear Him but all of a sudden a scripture comes up or even a worship song.

During this moment no distractions just you and your date, prayers no longer become a chore it becomes something you look forward to. I assure you it will be worth it.


The Bible contains Gods promises to us and it will never be outdated.

when you lack Words, take a scripture study it and pray using it, if you do not seem to understand the scripture ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom. I often check online for Bible commentaries and I of course make sure they are in line with Gods word.

for those who do not know what bible commentaries are, they help give detailed explanation into a particular scripture. so lets say you are reading Isaiah chapter 1, type Isaiah chapter 1 commentary and there you go it pops up.

Enduring word Commentary is the one I use it is very detailed and simplified.


Prayer is communication with God, and you cannot get to master something if you do not do it frequently. It shouldn’t be something you do only when you are in need, that is really childish and you cannot get to grow in God if you continue that way.

you don't have to walk on the street yelling and letting the world know you are praying, there are times when I put on my ear piece especially when I am taking a walk and act like I am on call but am actually praying.

In essence I am saying be conscious of Gods presence everywhere you are, know what works for you and stick to it.


When You make God an option, there will be no desire to pray. Let your pursuit of God be real, seek his face not his hand.

God is not a Jeanie, stop treating him like one.

Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 13 says

you will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

Thank you for Reading….

have a great day ahead.



  1. This is so true Doc! Prayer is simply talking to God. In every relationship communication is the key, and to build a close and dynamic relationship with God we need to communicate with Him everytime. We don’t need to be perfect or eloquent. We just have to be our natural selves. Love your post darling😘😘

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