After waiting for 30 minutes on a queue at my local pizza shop before i could make my order,

i was reminded that life is in stages and eventually my time/turn will come.

 i have a blog post dedicated to the importance of timing so click here to read.

This is not a motivational speech but a friendly reminder to someone who feels like they have waited too long or worked too hard and there is still nothing to show for their hard work, I am not in your shoes and i cant even begin to imagine how you feel but don’t worry your time will come.
However, Get ready things will probably not get easier…
  • you will probably have more sleepless nights.
  • more friends might walk away.
  • your patience will be tried up till breaking point.
  •  temptations will arise and sin will become more enticing .
  • you might have to choose between pressing on and quitting.

These are all normal and they will not last forever IT SHALL PASS, YOUR TIME WILL COME.

During this period you get to build character, resilience, patience, faith, endurance, the right relationships… you are being shaped into becoming the man/woman God wants you to be.

Sit still and let God mold you, it is a painful process but a million times worth it.

Look around you, there is always something you can learn from including the pizza shop

Thank you for reading.

please feel free to leave your comments and share your experiences i love hearing from you guys.

Have a great day ahead

stay motivated…

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