Religious education was one of the classes i enjoyed so much in primary school.

It comprised of two main subjects

  • christian religious knowledge and
  • Islamic studies

Students in my school were free to attend any of the classes they wanted regardless of their

religious background.

As a young girl who was so fascinated about bible stories,  religious education class was like paradise for me.

some of the reasons why i feel Religious education should be taught more in our primary schools are

1) Knowledge gained early in life makes a huge difference:

Most of the Bible  scriptures and stories i know as an adult today were scriptures i recited constantly in class and stories i was taught and made to understand in the simplest way ever. Reading those scriptures today constantly reminds me of my childhood, and makes me look forward to the day i will have kids so we can recite scriptures together.

2)There is a greater zeal to study and know more:

when i asked some of my friends why they enjoy some of the activities they engage in like

  • football
  • games
  • cycling
  • swimming ,cooking

They responded by saying those were things they learnt at an early age and that fun was carried over into adulthood.

The more kids are given the opportunity to attend classes such as religious education or any other class for that matter, the more likely they are to develop love for such subjects and a desire to know more.
3)A great opportunity for students to develop morally, spiritually:

My parents did their best to make sure they instilled the right values in me, but i also have to applaud  my teachers for contributing to my spiritual and moral growth from a young age. It did not make so much sense then but looking back now i am grateful for those lessons and those scriptures i learnt through their help.

4) To provide opportunity for all students to learn and achieve

some parents do not have so much time to teach their kids or expose them to some truths, for such kids classes like this opens up a door for them to learn and feel included.

Religious Knowledge in primary schools

what subject were you fond of in primary school?

Thank you for reading..



  1. You listed some great reasons for religious education. Spot on!
    Back in the day, I used to have a notebook, which had a faded biblical picture on every page. It was the best part of my religious education. I usually had really good grades, but found it as something I HAD TO do. I wasn’t really excited about it. However, I know know that it grew in me for years to bloom into something I have today.

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